What Effect Does Wheat Malt Have On Craft Beer?
What Effect Does Wheat Malt Have On Craft Beer?
Different Explanations About Craft Beer - Craft Beer Equipment Manufacturers
Different Explanations About Craft Beer – Craft Beer Equipment Manufacturers

Craft Beer Equipment – The Use Of Two Bodies And Three Vessels

Craft Beer Equipment - The Use Of Two Bodies And Three Vessels

Craft Beer Equipment - The Use Of Two Bodies And Three Vessels

Craft Beer Equipment - The Use Of Two Bodies And Three Vessels

  • 【Craft beer equipment】 Combined German-style craft beer saccharification system.
  • Using the time difference of the saccharification process, the saccharification pot and boiling pot are combined with one piece, and the filtration tank and vortex sedimentation tank are stacked on top of each other. Homebrew and craft beer generally use whole malt without adding auxiliary ingredients, (the mashing pot is used for auxiliary ingredients addition), so it is considered from the perspective of saving hotel area and investment capital.
Craft Beer Equipment - The Use Of Two Bodies And Three Vessels
 Wort saccharification
  1. Equipment inspection: check whether the saccharification pot, filtering tank, rotary sink, pipe fittings, valves, meters and water, electricity and supply are normal, no abnormality, clean and ready for feeding.
  2. Prepare feeding water: add enough water 250 L for one feeding in the saccharification pot, turn on the steam generator to heat at the same time, set the saccharification feeding temperature and heat it to the temperature set for saccharification feeding (generally 50-55℃).
  3.  Feeding (proteolysis): Start the saccharification pot to stir first, put barley malt powder into the saccharification pot, stir evenly, stop stirring and start timing; wheat beer is put into barley malt first, stir evenly, then put into wheat malt, then stir evenly; keep the temperature 52±1℃, time 70 minutes.
  4.  Glycation: When proteolysis is finished, set the glycation temperature, start the glycation pot stirring, start the steam heating valve of the glycation pot and heat up to the set temperature (generally 66℃) at a speed of 1-1.5℃/min for glycation, and the glycation time is about 60-70 minutes.
  5. After the end of saccharification, set the enzyme killing temperature, start stirring, start the heating valve of saccharification pot, raise the temperature to 78℃, at the same time, fill the bottom sandwich of filter tank with hot water of 78℃, make the water diffuse over the filter sieve plate 0.3-0.5cm, start pumping mash to filter tank, after sending mash, stop stirring, stand still for 10-15 minutes, let it form natural filter layer.
Craft Beer Equipment - The Use Of Two Bodies And Three Vessels
  1. Wort reflux: pay attention to the resting time, when it comes to timely reflux, open the relevant valve and wort pump, reflux the wort in the filtering pot for 5-10 minutes, after observing the clear wort in the sight glass, switch the reflux valve to the filtering valve and pump the wort into the boiling pot.(Special note: When filtering by pumping method, adjust the inverter to carefully control the flow of wort and keep the stability of reflux.)
  2. Measure the original wort concentration: After filtering for 20 minutes, take samples to measure the original wort concentration.
  • A. Hot wort treatment: take a measuring cylinder of wort from the boiling pot, slowly put it into the pre-prepared tap water cylinder, cool it down to below 30℃ (it can be cooled by other methods, but not mistakenly into cold water), shake it well and put it steadily.
  • B. Brix measurement: take a brix meter with a range of 0-20 BX, insert the mercury packet end into the wort slowly, and release it when it is close to the expected reading value (about 12 BX), and read the value of the brix meter at the concave surface of the wort after 5 minutes; gently remove the brix meter, check the temperature value of the wort on the meter, and check the corrected value of brix correspondingly to obtain the original wort concentration value; take the brix meter lightly, wash it with water after use, dry it, and store it properly. and wipe it dry for proper storage.
  1. Prepare washing water: turn on the steam generator heating switch, make the water temperature in the pot rise to 78℃, stop heating and standby.
  2. Wash the dregs: wash the dregs when the original wort is filtered to nearly reveal the dregs, turn on the dregs plowing machine, add the dregs washing water, after adding water, stop plowing dregs, wait for the formation of a new filter layer, and then repeat the previous filtering procedure, wash the dregs generally 2-3 times, the total amount of water added about 120-150L.
  3. mixed concentration measurement: after washing the dregs 2-3 times, determine the mixed wort concentration (according to the total wort evaporation of 10%, boiling time of 60 minutes, if the control of boiling end wort concentration is 12 BX, then the mixed wort concentration is controlled at 10.8-11.0 BX).
  4. Discharge: After washing the wort 2-3 times, when the concentration of mixed wort reaches the requirement, stop filtering, open the drain valve to discharge the residual light wort, and then open the discharge door to discharge the wort with a wort rake. The way to open the dregs door is: first screw out the bolt located in the middle of the dregs door, then open the bolt on the right side of the dregs door to complete the opening of the dregs door. (Note: Do not open the dregs door by brute force or violence, otherwise it will cause the deformation or damage of the dregs door!)
  5. Cleaning: After draining the dregs, clean the filter tank wall, filter screen and dregs plowing machine with water, and open the bottom valve of the filter tank for drainage.

★ Special attention: wort filtration process, if the wort is unclear or difficult to filter, can stir up the mash to stand for 10 minutes, re-fight reflux, until the wort is clear.

Wort boiling
  1. Heating: After the wort level exceeds the heating jacket of the boiling pot, heating and heating will begin.
  2. Wort boiling: heating to the wort boiling time, boiling time of 60 minutes, wort is always boiling; control the concentration of wort at the end of boiling, if the concentration does not meet the requirements within the specified time, the time can be delayed appropriately.
  3. Add hops: 5 minutes before the wort boiling and 10 minutes before the end of boiling, add bitter and aroma hops respectively, the amount is 0.120kg (0.04%) and 0.06kg (0.02%).

★ Special attention.

A. During boiling, control the steam source carefully to avoid overflowing of hot wort and prevent scalding!

B. After the hops are weighed, the original package is immediately sealed and packed in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation.

Wort spinning and sinking
  • At the end of boiling, close the valve, open the valve at the bottom of the boiling pot and the valve of the tangent line of the spin-sink tank, and open the wort pump at the same time. After the material in the boiling pot is finished, the wort will be cooled after 30 minutes of static settling.
Micro Brewery Equipment
Beer Bar Equipment

Craft Beer Equipment

Craft Beer Equipment

In Restaurant, brewers prefer medium-sized beer brewing systems. The 300L 500L or 1000L system is the choice of most brewers. Now more and more brewers pay attention not only to the flavor of beer, but also to beer equipment. The choice becomes the most important part of the bar.

In the production of the brewery, our goal is to combine appearance and function with design, innovative technology, automation and high quality, from high-tech stainless steel to retro copper exquisite design, in order to provide the most advanced and reliable brewery. Any bar brings a unique atmosphere.

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  • 500L Microbrewery Equipment
    1. Milling System Capacity: 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1000kg/h. Description: CE or UL listed Motor, Double roller, distance adjustable, stainelss steel 304 material. Optional: Flexible Auger. 2. Brewhouse System  2 vessles or combined system. Capacity 500L Steam heating way,electrical heating way, Direct heating way Mash tun with mixer, steam jacket, VFD motor, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304. Lauter tun with rake system, milled false bottom, sparging spray ring,VFD motor, insulat […]
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    Nowadays, more small pub/restaurant and new microbrewery becomes more and more popular, regular sizes: 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L (1BBL, 2BBL, 3BBL, 5BBL, 7BBL, 10BBL). All configurations can be custom-made according to your real brewery project. You can choose the brewery system according to your requirements, place and budget:
  • copper brewing equipment
    Our cooper brewing equipment is suitable for home, hotel ,barbecue, restaurants, bars, small breweries and other catering entertainment. The turnkey system includes crushing system, mash system, fermenting system, cleaning system, cooling system and controlling system and so on, also we can provide you with filtering system and bottles/kegs, bottle filling capping,beer kegs washing and filling machine. The inside and external of tanks are adopt international standards 304 stainless steel materia […]