6HL 2 Container Electric Copper Brewing Equipment

Large Microbrewery

Large, multi-tank, 5-30BBL brewery production.
Complete brewing equipment for microbreweries.

6HL 2 Container Electric Copper Brewing Equipment is a high quality and customized small batch craft beer equipment.

The advantage of this type of brewing equipment is that it is completely cost-effective for initial brewing investment, electric heating, temperature controller control. But we can also provide customers with better service from Brewpub & Microbrewery, factory price.

We have the world’s leading design solutions and innovations for beer/beverage equipment. Custom micro to commercial scale brewery system configurations from 5HL/BBL to 30HL/BBL.
We work with more than 200 breweries worldwide and are especially experienced in a range of highly automated, fully customized commercial brewery systems.
Venue size and budget friendly custom designed equipment, custom brewery.
Standard brewery configurations and optional equipment options give customers a very large budget to develop.

6HL 2 Container Electric Copper Brewing Equipment Features:

  • MMLT/KWPT copper finish two-tank mash chamber with electric heating pipe.
  • The interactive manual wort/CIP valve is cost-effective.
  • Each MMLT and KWPT includes two wort VFD pumps.
  • Rake with VFD adjustment.
  • 1 x SS HLT pump with variable speed control.
  • 1 x SS wort.
  • 1 x Sanitary heat exchanger and wort aeration system.
  • 1 x set of water mixing station.
  • Two-stage PHE for wort cooling, tap water and glycol for energy saving.
    Wort filter aids and bouncers and steam condensers and sight Glasses and sampling valves.
  • Flow meters, temperature sensors, level sensors, etc. for system Brewery control.
    Dual size HLT and glycol reservoirs.
  • Hot water pumps and glycol supply pumps.
    Regular fermenters and stacked FV and BBT to save space.
  • Cooler for glycol storage cooling, then cooling CLT and FV.
  • 1 x Spare Parts and Transfer Hose Pack.
  • 1 x CAD and 3D drawings, installation assistance, assembly, training.

6HL 2 Container Electric Copper Brewing Equipment Options:

  • 1 x SS grain hopper.
  • 1 x Two Roller Malting Plant.
  • 1 x Double head tub washing machine.
  • 1 x Manual Bucketer.
  • 1 x Bottle Filling Capping Machine.
  • Jump back.
  • Mobile CIP station.
  • 1 x Portable Sanitary CIP/Transfer Pump, SS Cart and VFD Controller.

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