2019 Black Hops Wrap Up
A Wrap Up Of Our Limited Release Beers For 2019

Black Hops Content & Social Media Summary 2019

2019 was another big year on the black hops content front, with the site attracting a lot of hits throughout the year, supported by a series of blog post updates, and with the launch of Season 3, the return of podcasts, and significant growth in social media.

Here’s a summary of how 2019 went.
Overall Website Statistics
The total number of website visits this year was 128,568, which equates to 10,714 website visits per month, or about 352 hits per day.

Here are some more summary interesting breakdowns.

According to Google Analytics, four out of five people who visit the site are new visitors (not super accurate).

Average time spent by site visitors: 1:44 minutes.
Average number of pages visited per session: 2.
Total number of pages viewed: 253,120.

Overall, these states have been summary growing since we launched our blog, but today it’s getting harder and harder to get people away from social media channels and into the site. During the same period, the growth of our social media accounts has

 far outpaced the site. As you can see from the map below, our visits are primarily from Australia, but we do have traffic from all over the world, especially the US.

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The percentage of users viewing the site via cell phones has also been high. At the end of this year, we replaced the server and cut the site speed summary in half, which has helped people view the site on their phones.
What’s going well on the blog in 2019?

It’s been another solid year on the Black Hops blog. We now have a total of 137 blog posts, which is roughly the number of unique beers we’ve created! 44 of those were published this year, including 12 staff recruitment posts summary and 8 new podcast episodes, so there are only 24 proper posts.

Here are the top posts by view for 2019

Food safety recall: dark hops extra eggnog (3032)
Canning and packaging methods for beer (1332)

Black Hops builds a summary brewery in Biggera Waters (1303 views)
What is equity crowdfunding? (1093 views)
Equity crowdfunding for an Australian brewery (951 views)

Dark hops 16-pack (601 views)
Sour beer & how we brew it (509 views)
Here are some other in-depth articles worth checking summary out, they are not the most visited list.

Designing a BHII Restaurant
How to brew a low gluten beer
How to create a beer sensory program

Things to keep in mind when canning beer
If you’d like to see any of our content ideas on the blog, let us know through our Facebook Ambassador group and summary we’ll do our best to put them together.

Brewery Action Podcast Season 3

In addition to written content, this year we brought back the Brewery Action podcast with eight new episodes in its third season. Here’s the list of episodes, in order summary of most to least. 

The Apple Podcast app and Spotify also offer all episodes. Those who have been out the longest will have more horizons.
Brewery Finance with Birchal and Shrewd Finance (1101)

Sterling Hollander of Belter (966)
Moderating with Leah Spong (768)
Jamie Cook from Stone and Wood (766)

Luke and Smokey from Cullenbine Valley Brewing (718)
BHII Brewery Equipment with Master Brewer Govs (659)
Hendo on beer quality (637 people)

Leah interviews Dan (released last week) (282 listens)
Since its release in 2015, the podcast has received 44,201 listens. Not a huge audience, but enough to make it worth summary watching. You can also see from the overall stats above that nearly 20% of the audience is from the US.

Social Media Snapshot

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As we mentioned, while website growth has always been there, most of the growth has been through social media. Here are our growth numbers for the year.
Instagram followers: 21,000, up 61% from 13,000.

#BlackHops hashtag posts on Instagram: 5,000, up 25% from 4,000.
Facebook likes: 9,492, up 35 percent from 7,000.
Facebook Ambassador Group members: 1,740, up 74% from 1,000.

We also recently launched a second Instagram account, @blackhopstaprooms, which now has 516 followers.

Overall, it’s been another fun year of publishing content summary through our blog, podcast and social channels. If you have any ideas for content you’d like us to cover, just reach out to us in the Facebook Ambassador group and we’ll do our best to cover it.

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