How to maintain and maintain beer equipment?
How to brew dark beer with beer equipment?

Comparison of mash system (Brewhouse)configuration in beer equipment

Brewhouse is divided into many types according to the configuration, there are two tanks, combined three tanks, three tanks, and even four tanks.

The first type is two-vessel brewhouse, which is divided into mash /lauter tank and kettle/whirlpool tank  In this combination method, there is no spare pot for kettle hot water during wort making, so it is necessary to boil a part of the lees water into the fermentation tank for storage in the early stage.

The second type is  two tanks and three devices, which includes mash /lauter tank,kettle/whirlpool tank and storage tank. That is, there are two tanks but three containers. The feed water before mash can be directly heated in the mash /lauter tank, which is simple and crude. When filtering, the mash is filtered to the temporary storage tank, and the evacuated ,kettle/whirlpool can boil hot water to 78° to wash the grains. It avoids the embarrassment that the two devices have no place to boil hot water to wash the waste. Reduce time investment and improve work efficiency.

The third type is 3-vessel brewhouse and 4-vessel brewhouse, which have become the choice of more large breweries. Use them will save more time.