What Are The Core Components Of The Roller Mill For Malt Crushing In The Brewery?
What Are The Core Components Of The Roller Mill For Malt Crushing In The Brewery?
Fermenter Loaded Into Container
Fermenter Loaded Into Container

Comparison Of 5 Hl And 10 Hl Beer System

In the early stages of planning to open a brewery, there are four main factors we need to consider. Now, let’s make a simple comparison between 5 and 10 liter systems.
This comparison of 5 and 10 liter systems is based on a two vessel brewhouse (wort/fermenter + cauldron/white wine tank + mulled wine tank), 5 fermenters and a two week fermentation time. I hope this gives you an initial idea when planning your brewery project. Thank you.

  1. Production capacity
    For example, a 5hl system with 5x5hl fermenters can get 25hl of beer in 2 weeks. If the brewery is open 7 days a week, this means that there are approximately 180 liters of beer available to customers every day.
    A 10hl system with 5x10hl fermenters can get about 5000hl of beer in 2 weeks, which equates to about 360hl of beer per day.
    So, do you already have a clear idea of the daily production before opening a brewpub?
Comparison Of 5 Hl And 10 Hl Beer System
Comparison Of 5 Hl And 10 Hl Beer System
  1. Expanding capacity
    If the production is expected to be expanded in the future, we can add several additional fermentation control points to the controller and expand the cooling capacity of the glycol cooling unit in advance. Therefore, when expanding production, it is feasible to purchase only fermenters to expand production. There is no need to purchase additional controllers or glycol cooling units.
    In terms of expansion, the 1000L system has a larger expansion capacity than the 500L system. Adding one 1000L fermenter can give the same yield as 2 sets of 500L fermenters.
    Do you have expansion plans in the early stages?
  2. Cost
    The complete standard brewery configuration consists of 6 components. Grain mill, brewhouse, fermenters, glycol cooling unit, control unit, and CIP unit.
    Different configurations will also have different costs. Therefore, equipment cost is an important factor that we need to compare in the planning stage. If you are interested in beer equipment, please feel free to leave a message or email me for a detailed quote.
  3. Space requirements
    Once the site is confirmed, we can provide installation plans for your reference based on your space and our tank sizes.
    Here is just a simple list of space requirements
    5hl system with 5x5hl fermenter.
    Floor space: approx. 40 sqm. Ceiling height: above 3m
    10hl system with 5x10hl fermenter.
    Foot area space: approx. 70 sqm Ceiling height: above 3.5m

I hope this helps in the planning stage. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss further.