The Glycol Pipeline For Beer Fermenation Tank
The Glycol Pipeline For Beer Fermenation Tank
The main advantages of heat exchanger
The main advantages of heat exchanger

Compare Step Mash And Decoction

In the normal brewing process, stepwise saccharification and dispersion saccharification are two common methods of saccharification. So, what is the difference between them? Let’s make a brief comparison of them.

  1. Brewing chamber structure
    Step saccharification. Only one saccharification tank can support saccharification.
    Decomposition. There are at least two kits. One for saccharification and one for boiling.
    For our brewery equipment, a normal two-vessel brewery can already support step saccharification and skimming. Two-vessel brewery. Saccharification/distillation tank + large pot/whirlpool tank + hot liquor tank.
    Fractionation with three or four vessels will work better.
  2. Operation
    Decanting is more complicated than step-by-step distillation because additional steps are needed to move the wort for boiling. At the same time, the working time of the decoction is longer and requires greater production costs.
  3. Investment
    Due to the use of an extra tank, the buck requires a larger footprint. Of course, it would be acceptable for a brewery with two vessels to do a split production. There is no difference in floor space requirements.
  4. Raw material quality
    Step malt: High quality malt is necessary. Given the taste of the beer, Miller level premium malt is not recommended. Auxiliary ingredients are optional.
    Dehydration. Medium level of quality is also possible. Auxiliaries can be used.
  5. Malt utilization
    Step crushing: 95% or more
    Dehydration: 98% or more
  6. Characteristics of wort
    Step mashing: The wort contains more sugar, less protein and other intermediate molecular particles.
    Dehydration. Reasonable wort content. Well-controlled ratio of sugar to non-sugar.
    More protein and intermediate molecule particles.

Feel free to email me for further discussion and to check the differences in our tank structures.

Compare Step Mash And Decoction
Compare Step Mash And Decoction