How Much Does Commercial Brewing Equipment Cost
How Much Does Commercial Brewing Equipment Cost
The Kombucha Market Is In Full Swing, What Is So Special About Health-Ade
The Kombucha Market Is In Full Swing, What Is So Special About Health-Ade

Color Painting Brewery Equipment In Commissioning

A set of 500L craft beer equipment from Tiantai will be installed and commissioned soon. This equipment is designed for personalized beer glasses and restaurants. 

The fermentation tanks and bright beer cans are color coated in stainless steel, giving the equipment and decorating style flexibility and allowing the designer to be more imaginative.


Every piece of equipment that leaves our facility is CE/UL certified and comes with an industry leading 5 year limited warranty on metal and welds.

In addition to a comprehensive painting inventory of spare parts, you can get customer support from our team for any Titan purchase.

The beauty of the process beverage business is painting that no two businesses are the same. Our goal is to understand what makes your facility and process unique, and then design a solution that meets your needs.

Titan Brewing Equipment provides high quality brewing equipment for all breweries. We offer 2-150bbl complete brewery systems including malt milling equipment, brewing equipment,

fermenters, beer tanks, beer bottlers, beer canners, keggers, painting hoppers, and yeast propagation equipment. We also supply all auxiliary brewery systems such as steam heating piping and valves, water treatment,

filters, air compressors, etc. All equipment for a brewery is on our list.
If you are interested in starting a microbrewery or looking for pilot brewery equipment, please feel free to contact


Healthy Edelkamp Tea was founded in 2012 by Dana Trout, her husband Justin and her good friend Vanessa Drew. They sold their products at farmers’ markets. Distribution then gradually expanded to traditional supermarkets,

clubs and convenience stores, becoming the third largest brand in the market.
To date, the Torrance, California-based company has raised $29.1 million through three rounds of funding, with investors including CAVU Venture Partners.

Production scales up, traditional craftsmanship stays the same

In the early days, Trout recalls, the economics of handmade organic kombucha were not very good; “We made it for $10 and sold it for $5.” That is, until scale and automation changed the paradigm.

In the past, Health Ade needed painting to buy filtered water from Whole Foods and use manual bottling. Now the company has its own reverse osmosis system with a high-speed filling line capable of filling up to 700 bottles per minute. health Ade filters the water through the reverse osmosis system to remove chlorine, fluoride, antibiotics and

other substances that prevent damage to the microorganisms used to produce painting kombucha. The filtered water is then used to brew organic green and black teas, sweetened, cooled and poured into 2.5 gallon glass bottles, SCOBY (a symbiotic strain of bacteria and yeast) is added and the bottles are covered with T-shirt fabric and

fermented at 80-85˚F for one week while sugar levels, pH, flavor and other factors are monitored.
The first fermentation will produce alcohol (yeast in the culture converts to sugar in ethanol), carbon dioxide (spills out of the

bottle), acetic acid (slightly fermented, tart) and other organic acids such as malic acid, glucuronic acid, tartaric acid, and gluconic acid. In thispainting  process, a new scoby is born. At this point, the tea is free of air bubbles and full of complex acids, which are mixed with the

cold pressed juice and then enter the water tank and piping system in the bottling room.
After a short secondary fermentation in the filled bottles, the remaining yeast converts painting the sugar in the juice, and some of the

remaining sugar in the tea, into more alcohol and carbon dioxide, while the bacteria convert some of the alcohol into acid. This time, the carbon dioxide cannot escape and forms a foam. After a period of time, the product is refrigerated (to prevent or significantly slow down the remaining

fermentation process in the bottle) and delivered to the user via the cold chain.


The beer fermenters are painting painted with an orange matte finish and arranged in rows. The top design frame of the fermenter has a horizontal bright beer tank painted in green. This not only saves floor space, but also allows for a more layered combination of tanks.

The full 500L brewery equipment consists of a combined three-vessel brewing painting system, six fermentation tanks, and four bright beer tanks with steam and refrigeration systems. If you are also interested in such a design, please contact Tiantai in time.