1000L Complete Brewery System Ready For Japan Customer
Russia 2000l Brewery Equipment Start To Brewing
Russia 2000L Brewery Equipment Start To Brewing

Color Painting Brewery Equipment In Commissioning

A set of 500L craft beer equipment of Company is about to be installed and commissioned. This set of equipment is specially designed for personalized brewpubs and restaurants. Fermentation tanks and bright beer tanks are made of stainless steel color spraying, which makes the equipment and decoration style more flexible and allows designers more imagination.

The beer fermentation tanks are sprayed with orange matt surface, arranged in a row. The top design frame of the fermentation tank is placed with a horizontal bright beer tank painted in green. This not only saves floor space, but also makes the combination of the tank more layered.

The complete set of 500L brewery equipment is composed of a combined three-vessel brewhouse system, 6 fermentation tanks, 4 bright beer tanks, and is also equipped with steam and refrigeration systems. If you are also interested in such a design, please contact in time.