About Deruna

Shandong Deruna Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in beer equipment manufacturing for 20 years. The main production are large industrial beer brewery equipment, factory craft beer brewery equipment, hotel and bar beer equipment, lab beer equipment, home beer equipment, wine equipment. At the same time ,the company involved in the brewing plant equipment upgrading project.

China brewery equipment

Deruna Brewery Equipment and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, professionals have a profound basis for cooperation, training and attract a number of outstanding scientific research, production talent for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation. Deruna Brewery Equipment will, as always, uphold the spirit of craftsmen, excellence; we have been each product as a work of art to do .In our concept, products need to be full of humanity and sympathy, like our lift.

Deruna Brewery Equipment‘s products have been distributed throughout the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Georgia, France, Ukraine, Kenya, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Korea and so on 80 countries and regions.We always keep listen to customer’s opinions, conjecture customer’s ideas and learn customer’s needs. We also try to find inspiration and requirements while communicating with customers.

Why Choose Deruna?

Nowadays, Craft beer is popular in the whole world. No matter you are a beginner or a skilled brew master.Only if you have passion for beer, then you could have your own one.
Why choose US? Because We know what you want,We know how to help you brew beer, We know brewer’s need best.
Choose US, Choose the finest beer

Our Service

Pre-sale service: According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution: tailored process flow chart; site layout; cost-benefit analysis.

Production monitoring: Equipment production will be strictly according to standards, timely communication with the customer production and other production conditions; to guide customers to prepare the venue; to help customers handle the relevant permit business procedures; equipment acceptance after the completion of timely and accurate delivery, contact the logistics do a good job Shipping matters.

After-sales service: Our commitment to all tanks five-year warranty, life-long technical support. And send professional brewing engineers free on-site guidance to install debugging; to teach brewing beer brewing technology; provide a variety of brewing brewing formula; supply all kinds of beer brewing raw materials.