30BBL Industrial Brewing Equipment

German – style brewed beer equipment

One German-style brewed beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems: Crushing system → broken malt, crusher mash system → mash pot, filter tank, sedimentation tank, mixer (mash enzyme, decomposition, carbon dioxide generation) Automatic control system → Siemens self-control 7-inch LCD screen, automatic cooling, advanced equipment Fermentation system → 6 fermenters, specially loaded with wine, can ferment and store wine, all stainless steel CIP washing→automatic cleaning, can wash the […]
China’s beer brewing industry

Analysis of the development status of China’s beer brewing industry in 2018 and craft beer

I. Analysis of the development status of beer brewing equipment industry 1. The competitive landscape of the beer industry In the global beer industry, emerging markets such as Africa and the Middle East are becoming new drivers of beer consumption growth. The consumption of mature beer market in Western Europe and North America in the past five years is basically flat, while the overall consumption in Asia has declined. Emerging markets, especially in Africa and the Middle East, maintained stea […]
Beer Brewing Process

Beer Brewing Process

  Beer Brewing Process 1. Brewing beer All beers are brewed using a process based on a simple formula. Key to the beer making process is malted grain, depending on the region traditionally barley, wheat or sometimes rye.     Malt is made by allowing a grain to germinate, after which it is then dried in a kiln and sometimes roasted. The germination process creates a number of enzymes, notably alfa-amylase and beta-amylase, which will be used to convert the starch in the grain into […]

What are the different sizes of brewing systems and what are their annual production capacities?

The maximum annual production capacity is dependent on the number of times you will be brewing per week. A nano / craft brewery or brewpub brewing systems usually ranges between 5 – 15 BBL, which produces between 500 – 3,000 barrels per calendar year. On a macro scale, a full production brewery system would be 15 BBL or greater, with the ability to produce upwards of 3,000 barrels per year. The annual production is calculated by using this formula: (brewhouse size) x (number of brews per week) x […]
craft brewery

What is the craft brewery?

What is the craft brewery? Compared with the “industrial brewery”, the concept of “fine brewery” is quite vague, and there is no exact definition. However, French law retains the concept of a “micro-independent brewery”, which defines a craft brewery as follows: annual production is less than 20 million litres, legally and economically independent of other breweries. There are independent brewing equipment, and must not be shared with other brewing factories. Do not borro […]

Craft Beer Production Cost in China

Craft Beer production cost: Product series Brown Ales Red Ale Stout Witbier Cost(Yuan/L ) 1.50 2.00 2.00 1.80 Notice : Only raw materials cost and water electricity cost in the above chart,not include rent and labor costs. I. Catering: For example of running a 300 M2 middle hotpot restaurant(restaurant or barbecue restaurant) Main products: Brown Ales and Stout, conservative calculation Varieties Daily sales(L) Cost(Yuan/L) Selling price(Yuan/L) Daily profit Monthly profit(30 days) Low season Hi […]
beer city

World famous beer city and its water quality characteristics

World famous beer city and its water quality characteristics Converting water by baking malt In general, the flavor of beer is affected by local water quality. For example, Dublin’s water is rich in bicarbonate, an alkaline medium that blocks the function of the enzyme and not only fails to convert the starch into sugar. The phenolics and tannins of the mouthwash are also leached from the wheat husk. Let the beer have a pleasant taste. Before the advent of the “corrected” water […]

The use of hops

The special taste of hops The original use of hops was to preserve beer, where alpha acids have a bacteriostatic effect, not killing bacteria and other microorganisms, but prevent them from multiplying, which is good for long-term preservation of beer. A acid has a strong bitter taste and can stimulate the taste buds. When a person’s taste buds meet bitterness for the first time, they will instinctively produce disgust. This is a normal reaction and part of human evolution. Many poisonous […]

Mashing technology

The process of mashing Mashing technology is the process by which sweet wort is prepared. It involves ‘mashing in’, the mixing of the milled grist and the brewing liquor at the correct temperature and in the correct proportions to obtain the mash. After a period, with or without temperature changes, during which the necessary biochemical changes occur, the liquid ‘sweet wort’, which contains the extract, is separated from the residual solids, the ‘spent grains’ or ‘draff’ […]