20L tasty homebrew dark beer scheme(3)
The difference between barley malt and barley for brewing novices

When buying beer equipment, which details should be noticed?

beer equipment

beer equipment

1: What is the degree of polishing on the inner wall of the fermentor or saccharification tank? How to check? benefit?
A: The inner surface finish is 0.6mm; it can be verified by the contrast of the finish; the smooth inner surface can effectively prevent bacteria from growing, the rust prevention performance is better, and the inner surface is easy to clean

2: What brand is there in the pump market? What kind of better? Why is it better?
A: Pump brands GEA, Hilge Euro Hagueh pumps, Alfa Laval, Grundfos, South Pumps, etc.; optional Hagueh, Afla Laval sanitary pumps, Grundfos pumps available, pumps in the South; these types of pumps The quality is very good, the operation is stable, the noise is small, the quality of the sanitary pump mechanical seal is good, and the service life is long, and the after-sales service of these pumps is good.

3: What brand does the board exchange have? What kind of better? Why is it better?
A: Nanhua Board Exchange, Afla Laval; Both brands are of good quality. Nanhua is a domestic brand. If you require high quality, you can choose Afla Laval.

4: What brand does the boiler have? What brand is better? Why is it better?
A: There are many boiler brands. Our company’s general domestic brands choose Shanghai Huazheng boilers and high-end Japanese Miura boilers. Miura boiler is of good quality, stable performance, low failure rate and high efficiency.

5: What brand of motor? What brand is better? What kind of brand is used
A: SEW, ABB This is our common motor and reducer. Good quality, long life, is my company’s common brand.

6: What is the width of entrained water jacket? What is the spacing?
A: 2mm thick “304 material” for jacket, 7mm jacket sandwich

7: What brand does the refrigerator market use? Which brand is better?
A: Nanjing Heng Biao Seri, Shenzhen Komsen; This is our common brand, reliable quality, fine workmanship, low failure rate, good after-sales service.

8: Where do you want to pay attention when purchasing equipment?
Answer: 1. Workmanship, appearance should be pleasing 2. Product quality and materials, good products with good materials, good products require good skilled workers

How good is good beer equipment to help make good beer?

Enthusiasts: “There is no quick way to cool down. It takes more than 2 hours to cool my 300L.”
Answer: “The cooling time is too long. This will cause the oxidation of wort. The faster the wort cools, the better, the normal 300L. The cooling time will be about 20 minutes. How does your temperature drop?

Fan 1: I was walking inside the sleeve outside the boiler and it felt a waste of water.
A: Well, your equipment manufacturer has done a bit too much because the wort is very oxidized at high temperatures, which will make the wort’s color deeper, the bitterness worse, the color no luster

Enthusiasts: Is there any way?
A: Use a plate change, add an ice water tank, and a chiller. Use one-stage cooling.