How To Brew All Grain Beer At A Non All Grain Brewery
How To Brew All Grain Beer At A Non All Grain Brewery
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Brewsvegas Here We Come (Where To Drink Black Hops)

Brewsvegas Here We Come (Where To Drink Black Hops)

Brewsvegas Here We Come (Where To Drink Black Hops)

Brewsvegas Here We Come (Where To Drink Black Hops)

In case you missed it, Brewsvegas will be announced this week. We’re excited to be sending dark hoppy beers to 4 events.

Beer for breakfast, all right.

Sunday, March 22 – Hooha Bar/Beerkary Presents Triphala

Beer for breakfast, yes please.

Plus, since it’s breakfast time, the Beerkary crew will be there serving up delicious baked goodies (made with beer, of course). On top of that, Tough and Beard&Brau will be bringing fresh from the mountain treats.

Our beer is a one-off, brewed specifically for this event. It’s an all-East liqueur farmhouse red ale. A few months ago we visited Michael’s famous Mt Tamborine brewery (on Beacon Street) to “taste test” his gold medal winning distillate, which we named Beacon St.

This is a free event, following the Sunday morning launch (enhanced). Here are more details.

Want to know what it takes to open a brewery?

Monday 23 – Hoo Ha Bar present spare time


If you’re interested in what’s involved in starting your first brew to launching a brewery, this event is for you. We’ll be joined by Ben from Bean Brewing Company/Rock Brewing Company, Tim from Brewtal Brewers/Scratch and Wade from the soon-to-open Four Hearts Brewpub in Ipswich.

We’ll bring our beach house. A lightly hopped pale ale with classic Saison flavors.

25 for Monday at 6pm. You can buy tickets here.

13 Taps, 13 Local Breweries, Probably the Best Winners

Thursday 26th – Tomahawk Bar is fully developed


It’s going to be a fun night. 13 different beers for you to sample, vote for your favorite (i.e. ours) and see who’s at the top of the list. 

We will be offering either Code Red (hoppy Red) or ABC Bomb (black IPA) on the day. We will provide updates on our Facebook page closer to the date.

This is a free event that takes place on Thursday, February 26th at 6pm, for more information please click here.

Meet the next wave of Queensland craft brewers

Friday 27th – Newstead Brewing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Presents


Yes, we don’t have our own brewery yet. But gypsy breweries are friendly, and fun if you ignore the cabbage flavor. Join us, Tim from Brewtal, Gavin from Croft Brewing, and Dave Clarke from Toybox.

We’ll be bringing our Black IPA or Hoppy Red (not decided yet). We will provide updates on our Facebook page closer to the date.
This is a free event, starting Friday, February 27th at 4pm. There are more details here.

See you soon.

Brexit Vegas looks epic and we’d love to be a part of it. We hope to see you there! Check out Brewsvegas’ full list of events here.


We spent a lot of time talking to equipment manufacturers. It was a fun process, but there was a lot to know. We have had great support from others in the industry, including Wade from Four Hearts, the boys from Cavalier, Luke from Coda Brewing in Colorado, and many more.

We have narrowed down our equipment suppliers to 2. One is dealing directly with a manufacturer in China. We have to do a lot of that ourselves, but it’s probably the most cost effective way to do it. The second is to deal through some people in Australia who are from China but manage their own processes here.

That’s the setup we’re looking at.


We’ve narrowed down the locations we want to Cullenbine. There seems to be more available in the area and it’s becoming a great place for cafes, galleries and breweries!

We’ve found some places we like, but once the equipment is ordered, we’ll keep working on it. We also talked to the city planner and went into council to discuss what we are doing. So far, everything is positive.

What’s next?

We’re going to be busy for the next few weeks. If we can finish setting up the company and order the equipment, we’ll make it happen soon.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the comments. We’ll be updating regularly on Facebook and Instagram, or you can click on the email below.

If there is something you would like us to cover on the blog, please let us know.