Malt Mill Unit

The malt mill is the carrier of the craft, A good malt mill is the prerequisite for the quality of the craft beer. The effect of malt crushing affects the quality of craft beer; Grinding process requirements: to maintain the integrity of malt coat, and the starch of malt as possible as to be crushed;fine particles to be controlled at 1: 2.5

I. Malt mill (To crush for material)

Malt is the most expensive raw material in your beer. So to keep your cost down, you need to utilize as much of the available extract in the malt as possible. The malt mill is absolutely critical in getting the most out of your malt. A poor choice of mill could easily see you waste 5% of your malt.

Malt crushing equipment used disc-type malt mill or roller mill, powder size can be adjusted, a daily output less than 300L beer production line used disc-type malt mill, 500L or more used roller mill type. Tell us about your brewery and we’ll advise you on the right malt milling and handling equipment for your needs.

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Malt Rolling Miller Technical Parameters

Model 1A3A5A8A
Net Weight(kg)120150180630

Malt Rolling Miller Features

  • Roll grinding flat, the material is easy to enter the grinding zone, convenient disassembly and repair;
  • Gear transmission with fast and slow roll, high transmission efficiency, smooth running, low noise;
  • The self-aligning ball bearing roller, can guarantee the concentric rotary precision, can bear high speed and roller pressure;
  • The high-quality steel head, alloy steel rollers are dynamic balance, stable operation, long service life;
  • Fine rolling distance and the locking handle have the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation;

Malt Milling Unit
Fine rolling distance and the locking handle have the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation
Malt Milling Unit
Keep-off board can control the feeding speed
Exporting package
The packing size is shown in the table above


1The method and effect of malt smashing

Malt smashing usually use dry crushing, wet crushing, moisture regain grinding and consecutive humidifying crushing four ways.

  • Dry crushing: is a traditional crushing way, requires moisture of malt is better between 6%~8%.
  • Wet crushing: The malt is soaked in warm water of 20 ° C ~ 50 ° C for 15-20 minutes, so that the water moisture of the malt reaches 25% - 30%, and then pulverized by a wet malt miller.
  • Moisture regain grinding: also called humidification crushing, it is to send steam or a certain temperature of hot water to the malt in a short time to humidify the wheat hull, so that the husk is elastic and not broken, and remains relatively intact during crushing, which is favorable for filtration.
  • Consecutive humidifying crushing:organic combines wet crushing and humidification crushing, make malt entre to the soaking chamber during the function of adding material stick, then soaking it 60 seconds in warm water, so the moisture of malt can up to 23%~25%.The malt husk is elastic and then enters the malt miller. It is crushed and sprayed water at same time. After crushed, it falls into the mixing tank. After adding water and becoming thick liquid, it is pumped into the mashing pot.
2What are the effects of mashing way to grinding degree?

At present, the mashing method mainly divided into two types, one is leaching mashing and another is boiling mashing.

  • The leaching mashing way don't need to steam and boil mashing wort, the dissolution and decomposition of the malt contents are carried out which happened below the boiling temperature, which requires the endosperm to be finely pulverized, and the mechanical cell wall is destroyed by mechanical pulverization to increase the contact area between the enzyme and the substrate.
  • The boiling mashing way is the concentrated wort that contains more particles heated to boiling temperature, it can compensate for the lack of mechanical grinding, so the crushed material can be slightly thicker. The more times you boil, the effective is better.
3What are effects of filternation equipment to grinding degree?
The most common filtration equipment is lauter tank now, also very few parts is plate and frame filter press.
These two types of filtration equipment have differences for the ratio of each apart that required malt crushing material. The lauter tank uses the wheat hull as a natural filter layer.
When crushed, the wheat hull was broken out, the contents are separated from the wheat hull, the wheat hull is kept as intact as possible, and the endosperm is crushed by secondary or tertiary. When filtering with a plate and frame filter press, the wort is filtered by external pressure, and the wheat hull does not look so important when it was as a filter layer, so it can be crushed thinly.
4How many ways of feeding in crushing system?
  • After crushed by the malt miller, then feed material by manual.
  • After crushed by the malt miller, then feed material by machine
  • After the malt miller is finished, it is sent to the powder bin by the conveyor/machine (above the mashing pot), and then directly dropped into the feeding port by the powder hopper.
  • After the malt miller is finished, it is sent to the powder bin (on the ground) by the conveyor, and then transported to the feed port through a conveyor.

II. Auger Feeder (Transfer material to a water and material mixer or mashing tank)

The auger feeder is mainly used for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials. The auger feeder is not suitable for conveying materials that are easy to deteriorate, sticky and easy to cake.
  • Conveying material discharging end is equipped with cleaning device, ensure no residual, avoid the material cross infection.
  • The machine is small in size, high speed, ensure rapid delivery uniformity.
  • Anti-blocking mechanism has been set in discharging mouth position,In order to avoid plugging material caused the motor burned.

III. Grist Hydrator(water and material fully mixed)

It consists of material out valve and water inport. The grist hydrator can be able to better mix the crushed material and water, greatly save time.

  • Perfect weld joint, perfect welding technology.
  • Custom built, meet your needs exactly.
  • We can offer you professional solutions for your brewing equipment and plant.
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IV. Powder hopper(crushed mater stored container)

The powder hopper is a single-layer stainless steel tank with upper and lower cone design (the lower cone is divided into a positive cone and a tapered cone), the angle of conical is 45°60°90°, the top of the tank is equipped with material port, the breathing port and the lower cone are equipped discharge port, the feeding time is within 10 minutes.

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