Cidery Equipment

Temperature control, Easy to clean, Flavor Consistency, Custom Options

Control the Process

We stock a wider range of variable capacity tanks, high pressure rated brite tanks, glycol jacketed brite tanks, conical fermenters and more. choose from our standard tanks or let us custom build someting that is rght for your cider production.

Our team of brewery design consultants can help you choose the right cider brewing equipment. Former professional brewers themselves, they can also advise on how to use your cider equipment and solidify your SOPS for consistent great tasting hard cider. Brewery Financing Options are available.

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Quality Cider Equipment, makes Quality Hard Cider

All of our commercial grade hard cider brewing equipment is made with virgin 304 stainless steel. Our cider brewing equipment is welded with a combo of automated robotic welds, hand made welds and performed with tungsten inert gas (TIG) processes. The resulting welds are strong, smooth and sanitary. This equipment manufacturing process will provide years and years of reliable performance for your brewery or cidery.

Precise Temperature Control and Yeast Separation

Our pressure rated conical fermenters are perfect for precise temperature control and yeast separation. Large 4" "dry hop" ports are great for making your dry hopped cider or perry. This also comes in handy for enzyme additions, or any adjunct additions as well. Conical shaped bottoms allow for yeast flocculation and separation for brilliantly clear cider transfer to the brite tank or secondary aging tanks / barrels.
Our pressure rated brite tanks make packaging into kegs, cans or bottles a breeze and margins for the maker are higher with quick turnaround with effective CIP cleaning capabilities allowing for less downtime.

Why Choose our Cider Brewing Equipment?


    Our cider equipment is made from premium 304 virgin stainless steel, and has sanitary construction with food grade valves, sanitary welds and tri clamp fittings. This makes the cider equipment very easy to clean, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of making hard cider.

    Our stainless steel cider brewing equipment is engineered to commercial standards and have features that will help you maintain consistent results, batch after batch.

    Our cider equipment provides precise temperature control, safe and effective cleaning, and is built to last.
  • VALUE:

    Our cider brewing equipment is designed to provide lasting value. We use high quality virgin 304 stainless steel on all our cider tanks.We provide high quality valves and seals so your tanks will perform well through many successful cider making sessions.

    High pressure rated brite tanks allow for precise blending and carbonation. Glycol jacketed brite tanks provide the ability for packaging and racking without the need to stand in a cold room. We also make single wall brite tanks / serving tanks for use inside of a walk in cooler for less cost.

Apple grinder

Hand grinding machine

Your basic entry-level Apple grinder is a hand-shaped grinder, usually fixed on a basket press. These are typically made of steel or cast iron, including a collection area (hopper), a crank and a rotating cylinder with embedded teeth, when Apple is sent to the hopper, they will grind Apple.

The fan-level options available for purchase include:

  • Hombrewing mini apple crushor
  • Various grinding machine / press combinations of the Racing Ranch
  • I use one in my hobby-based apple wine production operation – it is very important, effective, useful
  • Pleasant Hill Grain maximizes fruit grinder / press option

For people you do, there are a variety of sources of useful grinder / press program, such as:

  • The New Cider Maker’s Handbook, in addition to the important overall resources of Apple Wine, I also discussed the news plan
  • WhizBang Apple Grinder and Apple Cream Press

Although it is very effective for small-scale apple wines – and it is very interesting – but anyone who uses hand rolling press grinding multi-bushe ear apples can tell you that this is quite labor intensive. Therefore, for large amateur fans projects or commercial production, you should at least consider using an electric grinder.

Electric grinder

Electric grinders are not cheap, you need to pay attention to the electrical services you use – for example, in the United States, when it comes to 220 volts and 230 volts, three-phase and single-phase power supply availability volt consumables – before buying But this will greatly improve your speed of grinding / crushing apples.

These options include:

  • Speidel’s electric apple and pear shredder (220 volts, 1 phase) (in the annual multiwine pre-sale period (February to March) discount)
  • Electric apple shredder (110 volts)
    Note: Be sure to rinse and classify first before the Apple is fed into the grinder, because foreign matter such as small stones will cause serious damage to the grinder blade.

Fermentation equipment

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