Three Vessels Brewhouse

Three Vessels Brewhouse Combination:Mash/Kettle Tun & Lauter Tun& whirpool tun; Mash /KettleTun: with grist hydrator, racking machine (frequency control)/ spend grain out door; Whirlpool Tun: With special customized tangent whirlpool port
Common Type:100L-20T; 3/5/7/10/15/20/30BBL or Customized; Heating Type:steam,electric,direct fire heating; Control mode:semi-automatic or Automatic
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    Our beer brewery equipment consists of milling system, mashing system, fermenting system, cooling system, control system and CIP system, of which the capacity can be customized from 100L to 5000L. We provide turnkey project, with the advantage of low energy consumption, small space occupation and easy for operation. The equipment can be designed according to different flavor, production and capacity. We offer professional and complete service before, during and after your purchasing. gned as two […]
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    500L Micro Small Beer Brewery Equipment Items Equipment Specification Quantity Malt miller Malt miller 300Kg/hour 1 Brewhouse system Mash tun&lautering tun 500L 1 Brew kettle&whirlpool 500L 1 Hot liquid tank 500L 1 Plate heat exchanger 6m² 1 Pump 3m³/h 1 Wort oxygenator 1 Fermentation system Fermenter 500L 6 Yeast adding tank 20L 1 Cooling system Glycol water tank 1000L 1 Refrigerator 5hp 1 Pump 3m³/h 1 CIP washing system Alkali tank 100L 1 Sterilization tank 100L 1 Pump 3m³/h 1 Control […]
  • 1000L Micro brewery equipment
    1000L Micro brewery equipment System list Equipment 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L Mashing system Mash tun 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L Lauter tun 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L Wort pump 1m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h Heat exchanger 2m3 3m3 4m3 6m3 6m3 Wort Oxygenator (optional) accessory accessory accessory accessory accessory Fermenting system Fermentation tank 100L / 6-8pcs 200L / 6-8pcs 300L / 6-8pcs 500L / 6-8pcs 1000L / 6-8pcs Yeast tank 2L 2L 3L 5L 10L Bright beer tank (optional) 100L 200L 300L 500L 1 […]
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    7BBL Brewery equipment (For example) Brewing System Components Capacity Specification Grinding System Miller 300KG/H Double Roller,Noise<60db Heating System Boiler 50KG/H Electric,Gas,Oil,Coal Type/CE certification Brewhouse System Mash/Lauter tun 7BBL Mashing Process:Decoction.Infusion.Multi-step infusion Heating source:Steam,Electric,Gas SUS304/Red copperInterior:2.5-3mm Exteior:3-4mm Brew Kettle/ Whirlpool Tank 7BBL Hot Water Tank 8BBL Heat exchanger 8SQM Stainless steel plate Fermentation […]