Brewery System

Whether you are a craft beer lover or commercial project; Whether you want to build a new craft beer brewery project, or extension; Whether you want to brew beer at home or factory crafted beer. No matter what you want: Lager or Ale beer; Draft beer or fresh beer, pure beer, thick beer, puree beer .......; Yellow beer or white beer, black beer, red beer, color beer, copper beer ... ...; German beer or American beer, British beer, Chinese beer ...

You can find the noble quality craft beer brewing equipment at here,and designed only for you.

Brewhouse System Equipment

Mashing system is one important part of brewing, and is the leading of beer flavor, mashing equipment is the critical factor for brewing.
-- Equipment composition: Mash tun/lauter tun/wort kettle/whirlpool/hops filter /plate heat exchanger /sanitary pump etc.
-- Typical combination: 2 vessels, 3 vessels and multi vessels;
-- Heating way: Electric heating, Direct-flame heating and Steam heating;
-- Appearance Style: classical copper and modern stainless steel;

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Fermentation System Equipment

Fermentation is also an important part of brewing process, to insure the health of the fermentation process is the key to brewing good beer.
-- Structure pattern: opening, horizontal and vertical form;
-- Cooling way: low temperature refrigerant cooling, direct cooling and cold storage;
-- Volume range: each tank 50L-200HL ,1BBL-200BBL(Customizable);
-- Appearance style: stainless steel sanitary design;

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Bright Beer Tank

Bright beer tank, also known as storage tank. The beer after the fermentation can be stored in the tank and have a further mature, and the filtered beer also can be stored in the tank to wait package. According to the different use of bright beer tank can be divided into single-layer BBT, double-layer sake BBT.

-- Volume range: each tank 50L-200HL ,1BBL-200BBL(Customizable);

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Cooling System

Preparation of ice-water and refrigerant storage system is an important condition to ensure wort cooling and temperature control of fermentation tank. So the system is an important equipment for security of mashing and fermenting conditions.

-- Equipment composition: refrigerant storage tanks, chiller and circulating pump;
-- Structure pattern: pressure sealed to prevent external debris to go in;
-- Cooling way: adopt Freon refrigeration unit to reduce the temperature;

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Automatic Control System

The precise control and operation of temperature and pressure to the system of Saccharification and fermentation is very important because it affects the flavor of the beer.

-- Equipment structure: PLC programming control cabinet and power control cabinet; each of weak and strong electric control produced independently, anti-jamming;
-- Equipment features: waterproof, moistureproof, airy, sealed design; compact appearance, exquisite polish;
-- Control mode: PLC control, LCD touch screen, it can also be manually controlled, easy to operate.

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CIP System

The conditions of sanitary security is very important in the beer fermenting process, it affects the taste of beer and success of fermentation; it needs a reliable CIP cleaning and disinfection of equipment to ensure the entire system clean and sanitation.

-- Equipment composition: constituted by two tanks contained with washing disinfectant and a pump;
-- Structure pattern: washing flexibly by adopting mobile cart;
-- Appearance Style: stainless steel sanitary design;

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