Our Advantage -- Custom Design

Free layout design

We has the design resources and expertise, can provide you with the latest 3-D & CAD techniques and schematics.

Whether you need a complete turnkey brewery or specific piece brewhouse of equipment, We engineers are here to get you started. Utilizing the latest 3D & CAD techniques and schematics. We have the design resources and expertise to produce the equipment you will need to start brewing your special recipes in notice.
Before you confirm the order to us, our engineer will make all the drawings to you for free based on your production requirements and building situation, such as tanks technical drawing, building layout drawing. After you confirmed all the drawings, equipment specification list and other details, we will start production.

As soon as the production finished, you or your third party can come here to inspect the equipment quality refer the quotation list and drawings.

After you received the equipment and before installation, our engineer will provide you with the wiring diagram, installation drawings to make you more clear to finish the installation as soon as possible.
  • According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution: tailored process flow chart; site layout; cost-benefit analysis.
  • To meet the various technological needs of craft beer, a complete craft beer brewery equipment is composed of crushing system, brewhouse system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, cleaning system, control system and other major components and a variety of auxiliary components.
  • Our service concept :We try to meet the technical requirements of different flavors for craft enthusiasts.
  • Because professional, we know more about the beer culture,every product is given the mission of beer culture heritage;
  • Because professional, we know more about the unique process of craft beer. While respecting for tradition, we have been keeping up with the pace of modern technology, work aggressively.
  • Under the premise of same materials, equipment quality determines process control quality. Good equipments have stable process controls, and the your brewed beer would have a good taste.

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