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  • Planning-Manufacturer-Delivery-Installation-Training-After sale service
  • Customized equipment, high quality and humanization
  • 40 years brewing experience and more than 15 years manufacture experience
  • Cooperate with Qilu University of Technology
  • Mirror polished for the inside of tanks
  • 5 years guarantee for the main equipment
  • Efficient installation & professional training
  • High efficiency & energy saving

We are professinal

Whether you are a craft beer lover or a commercial project
Whether you want to build a new craft beer brewery project, or expansion
Whether you want to brew beer in home or factory craft beer

Or Lager, Ale beer
Or draft beer, fresh beer, pure beer, thick beer, puree beer .......
Or yellow beer, white beer, black beer, red beer, color beer, copper beer ... ...
Or German beer, American beer, British beer, Chinese beer ...

You can here to find the quality of noble,
for your special brewing beer equipment

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