Pub Brewery Equipment

The Pub Brewery Equipment

The brewpub conception allows the creation of taprooms where guests can enjoy beer straight from the point of production. The pub brewhouses are not only “shiny”, but they possess all the professional features of the industrial ones. In the production of a brewpub, we aim to combine form and function with design, innovative technology, high automation and quality spare parts to provide state-of-the art, reliable breweries that bring unique atmosphere to any pub/restaurant. This results in the fairest quality to price ratio products available in today’s market. The sophisticated design, from high tech stainless steel to retro copper, makes our breweries good enough to be the main point of attraction.

Production Capacity

Deruna turnkey breweries range in capacity from 100 to 20000 liter per brew. Systems are tailored to our customers’ specific production process and brewing needs. With 20 years of experience under our belt, we have gained the knowledge of manufacturing breweries that guarantee the consistent quality of beer. Our equipment is a mix of sustainable, modern technologies with ergonomic design.
As we believe that quality beer can be brewed many ways, we provide machinery with different levels of automation, from basic manual to the semi- automatic versions. All of our systems are available on frame version, for faster and easier installation.

Excellent Design

Be it a brewpub or industrial project, equipment is a mix of sustainable, modern technologies with ergonomic, eye-catching design. We can be your partner to bring to life your craziest ideas with the help of our design team.

Our equipment is made with the latest technology in the industry, from the creation of the concept to the delivery of the turnkey system. We illustrate your unique ideas with technical drawings and 3D renderings, and then the manufacturing process is carried out on modern, state-of-the art machines with the latest and most effective technologies in accordance with ISO 9001, other standards of the industry.

High Quality

Our systems are manufactured from high-end, quality materials and components purchased from certified,We look forward to your cooperation.

Brewpub equipment – usually a restaurant or gastropub – sells beer brewed on site. Beer is most typically dispensed from barrels rather than bottles. The sizes of those brewpub devices are mainly from 5HL/BBL to 10HL/BBL. Most are two-boat combinations with semi-automatic control levels. So for this purpose, the first brewpub devices we would consider are cost-effective, since they are mostly upgraded from homebrew, and everything needs to remain cost-effective in the beginning stages of business.

Usually brewpub equipment cannot be upgraded to commercial brewery scale. With the development of business, brewpub will be replaced by commercial brewery equipment, so in the initial stage of brewpub business scale, we do not need the opposite, to reserve more potential capacity in system design, first One aspect remains cost-effective. Such as semi-automatic level control, gas/electric heating options, integrated control cabinets, Uni-tanks, etc.

Pub Brewery Equipment Setup


  • Mash Lauter Tun and Kettle Whirlpool Tank’s two-vessel combined mash chamber.
  • Gas/electric heating is recommended unless steam is available on site.
  • Semi-automatic control cabinet from BH & Fermentation, or integrated PLC + HMI.
  • No need for double size HLT, CLT.
  • Two-stage PHE, cooling wort by tap water and glycol.


  • Single and double size single cans.
  • Cooler and glycol storage to maintain wort cooling and fermentation temperature.
  • Semi-automatic control cabinet from BH & Fermentation, or integrated PLC + HMI.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • Trolley Pump.
  • Semi-automatic tub washing machine <can be used for bar tap service>.
Pub Brewery Equipment
Pub Brewery Equipment
Pub Brewery Equipment
Pub Brewery Equipment