Pilot Brewery Equipment

As an excellent manufacturer of home beer brewery equipment in China, we have developed and designed the miniature brewing beer equipment for home brewers based on the advanced technology of Germany.

30L/50L/100L single vessel brewhouse + 2fermenter +controller + cooling system. This system is very popular in all over the world. It can be used in the home, office and small pub. Total weight is about 300-500KG, space needed is about 1-2m2, all parts are placed on a trolly, so it very easy to move it. And this one is our patent product.
60L/100L/200L two vessels brewhouse +3fermenters +controller +cooling system.This system more professional, can be used for testing recipes, hotel, pub and so on.

100L Brewery Equipment

This project adopts the integration of 100L mashing system, with 2 fermentation tanks with an effective volume of 100L. It can produce 400L of beer per month.We give full play to our advantages in formula and process design, internal structure and layout design of equipment, automatic control design of system, etc., to ensure that the set process can be achieved stably.
With decades of experience in selecting and using world advanced beer production equipment, we conduct in-depth research and guidance on the design and production process of craft beer equipment to ensure that the equipment can produce products that meet the design requirements.Comprehensive, thoughtful, with continuous customer needs to meet the technical support.We can provide all the raw materials and auxiliary materials for beer production, and we can provide the independently developed strains that produce different flavor characteristics.
We have the technology and formula reserves that can adapt to different tastes of beer, and we can make the beer according to customers' taste.

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Equipment List

Crashing system01Malt millBurring mill1setQ235/304
Mashing system02Mash/lauter/boil/whirlpool tun100L1 setsus304
03Mash tun pumpFlow:1m3/h; Lift: 9m1setsus304
04Plate heat exchanger2m21setsus304
Refrigeration system05Ice water tun300L1setsus304
07Ice water pumpFlow:1m3/h; Lift:9m1setsus304
Fermention system08Fermentation tank100L2setssus304
Control system09Control cabinetDigital screen1setPlastic spraying type

Complete Pilot Brewery Equipment

  1. The brewing system is more likely to be a cross between a home brewing system and a professional brewing room, which brewers typically see as an advanced system for home brewing, and there are also some commercial breweries running pilot systems to test recipes.
  2. The pilot plant works on the same principle as our large-scale beer plant, except that the pilot plant only produces a small amount of standard craft beer. The system allows brewers to conduct small-scale beer trials for new beer formulation innovations, as well as trial runs for larger-scale operations.
  3. The reason pilot brewing is so popular is that if you want to own your own craft brewery or see how a new beer recipe is selling, running a pilot with a pilot brewing facility is an effective and practical way to see your progress direction. Pilot Brewing System allows you to increase the productivity of your brewery without compromising your primary brewery goals. As a secondary brewery system, pilot breweries produce small batches of beer to complement your flagship beer.
  4. You never know, your pilot brew may even grow to rival the popularity of your flagship beer! That’s the flexibility a pilot brewing system offers brewers: opportunities to experiment with new beer recipes, special or celebratory releases; all without hindering major beer production.

Ship Pilot Brewing Equipment

A three-vessel pilot brew setup for testing and trial runs of beer recipes is a good option for a first brewery setup or a mid-capacity brewery or pub.

  • 1Bbl (Hl) starting brewing kettle
  • Mash Lauter Tun Combi + Bk/Wp Combi Tank
  • Non-slip compact brewery with casters
  • Additional matching mulled wine jug
  • Elemental resistance to overboiling
  • Liquid level switch to prevent dry burning
  • Easy-to-clean hygienic spray ball
  • Agitator and rake assemblies available
  • Conical bottom onBrew Kettle for better debris separation and fast cleanup
  • Whirlpool with Blocker and bottom spray ball for removing heat blocks
  • Digital control panel and
  • PLC touch screen options
  • Pump flow meter option (with advanced touchscreen controls)
  • Piping elements for mash circulation heating
  • Ball Valves for Precise Water Flow Control
  • Three-phase power options
Pilot Brewery Equipment
Pilot Brewery Equipment

Pilot Plant Beer Fermentation Tank

Fermenters are an essential part of every brewery, cylindrical beer fermenters with cooling jackets, insulation and tapered bottoms. Stainless steel fermenter with top round head and custom round body. In the pilot plant, the fermenters are designed for small systems below 5bbl.

All welding of the fermenter is carried out under a controlled protective gas atmosphere; the interior and exterior finishes are perfect, and the cooling jacket completes the fermentor/vessel of the highest standard.

If you own and operate a high volume brewery, purchasing a full 4-tank pilot brewing unit that can be used as a larger brewing unit is the best option. This means that dimensions and methods will be easier to add at will. The test report of the pilot-scale brewing equipment can be directly used in the large-scale brewing system.


  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Brewery water tanks can be heated by steam, electricity and direct fire.
  • Custom engineering of a brewery layout with a brewing stand.
  • Mash bucket assembly with rake, plow and grain hydrator.
  • Glass wort aids with automatic pump control.
  • Advanced touchscreen control with remote control.
  • Automatic PLC control panels are available for UL, CSA, CE requirements approvals.
  • VFD controls reducer and wort pump.
Pilot Brewery Equipment
  • Assemble the hygienic rotary spray ball for cleaning.
  • Mineral wool fully insulated.
  • Temperature sensor (RTD) in thermowell.
  • Rake and mash agitator assembly with top/bottom reducer.
  • On-demand water control is optional.
  • Milled false bottoms for filter grooves.
  • Automatic strike mixing station.
  • Knock out plate heat exchanger.
  • Stand-alone hydrothermal tank or combined with mashing tank.
  • Stainless steel 304 construction.
  • 2D/3D engineering of brewery setup simulation.
  • Hard pipes and platforms.
Pilot Brewery Equipment

Pilot Brewery Equipment

  • 3bbl-5bbl options
  • Steam or indirect electric heating
  • Skid-mounted
  • Conforms to UL
  • Designed and assembled in
  • Lincoln, Nebraska

Big things are packed in small packages, such as the BrewPilot brewery. It is made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, designed in our factory in China, durable and affordable. Its small footprint and manual operation make it ideal for start-ups, restaurants or other institutions wishing to create their own beer. It is also a good choice for established breweries seeking to provide a highly controlled test drive system during the brewing process. Ask about our oil jacket technology!

Pilot Brewery Equipment

  • 50gal 304 stainless steel skillet.
  • Explosion-proof heating element.
  • Hand blender.
  • 6-plate copper pillar.
  • CSA certified heating element.

Pilot Still is an affordable choice for small craft spirit producers. Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution to start a winery or want to add a still to your existing business, the 50-gallon Pilot Still is the perfect solution. From moonshine to plant-infused gin, this electric distiller can produce great products with minimal footprint; and it’s easy to use.

The pilot stills are also safe. These distillers are equipped with explosion-proof heating elements and CSA certified heating elements. Our 304 stainless steel has industry-leading guarantees and is a low-maintenance alternative to all-copper systems.

Use TruPatriot Liquor Filler to package your craft spirits, or use the CraftCan canning line to package your craft cocktails. Both are suitable for various products and packaging. Druner provides complete technical beverage production and packaging solutions. Ask your representative for options that suit your craft spirits needs, whether you produce vodka, rum, gin or whiskey.

Pilot Brewery Equipment

  • Mashed Potato House.
  • 3 x 100 gallon fermentation tank.
  • Skid-mounted.
  • Automatic temperature contro.

If you are new to distilled spirits, this is the setting for you. Druner designed a skid-mounted system to complement our Patriot Stills. This budget-friendly system is the perfect solution for making fermented products, ready for distillation. Our turnkey solutions will ensure the success of you and your business. Please call the Druner sales department at +86 0531 8869 8010 for pricing and options. The Mash House solution can provide a capacity of up to 60 barrels, and the distiller has a capacity of up to 1,000 gallons.