Large Industry Beer Brewery Equipment

Our company professional provide a turnkey brewery equipment for large industrial beer brewery equipment: Including raw material storage, milling machine, boiler, mash system, fermenter, yeast spraying equipment, filtration equipment, filling equipment, CIP cleaning system, coding machine, labeling machine, sterilization system, water treatment machine, high concentration dilution equipment, bottle filling capping and washing machine, cooling system, control system.
  • commercial beer equipment
    Constituent Part of Commercial Beer Equipment (1). Brewhouse 2-vessel: mash/lauter tank and kettle/whirlpool tank; Combination tank: Mash lauter/whirlpool tank, kettle tank; 3/4 vessels is also available if pub brewery space and operation needed; Hot water tank optional. (2). Heating method Of The Brewhouse Electricity heating/ steam heating(electricity/LPG/diesel oil/nautral gas)/ direct fire heating method (3). Material Of All The Tanks: Interior stainless steel 2.5~3.0mm, exterior stainless s […]
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    Hello, thanks for clicking our products. This is Camille from Shandong Ruijia brewery group, nice to meet you here. Whether you’re a beer lover or business lover, you’re probably aware of the sweeping craft beer movement that has taken all world by storm. Craft beer has been growing rapidly over the past few years, are you looking forward to building your own dream craft brewery? Ruijia Beer Brewing Equipment Group will be your reliable partner. Configuring list No. Name Quantity 1 300kg/h   Mil […]