Bottling Machine

The demand for bottled products in today’s era has greatly increased the demand for more bottle filling bottling machines. The speed and accuracy of the bottling machine to produce bottled products ensure that even the busiest business needs can be met. In addition, many companies are looking for a bottling machine that can fill bottles faster and more accurately to meet production quotas.

Our company provides cost-effective filling bottling machine equipment, which can fill bottles of various types, shapes and sizes.

Automatic wine bottling machine for micro and small events

These bottling machines meet the production requirements of up to 6,000 bottles per hour by automatically performing bottle washing, filling bottling machine cycles and capping. They can be equipped with transportation systems and auxiliary equipment according to your requirements and the available space in the installation room.

For example:

  • Perfume, perfume oil and other cosmetics-cologne, perfume, massage oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, dyes, etc.
  • Liquid medications-liquid medications, liquid vitamins, nasal decongestants, eye drops and mouthwashes.
Bottling Machine
Bottling Machine

Beer bottling machine suitable for large and medium-sized activities

A beer bottling machine solution for medium and large events that can process 6,000 glass bottles per hour. These devices can also automatically perform washing cycles, filling bottling machine and capping cycles.

For example:

  • Water, fruit juices and beverages (non-carbonated)-fruit and vegetable juices, teas, sports and energy drinks, and other non-carbonated beverages. 
Bottling Machine
Bottling Machine
Bottling Machine

weight bottling machine

The weighing beer bottling machine can accurately fill the liquid into 0.5-1 gallons (2-4 liters) barrel-shaped or bottle-shaped containers.

Mini pinch bottling machine

Mini-Pinch is a small beer bottling machine, most suitable for filling small bottles. Mini-Pinch is a six-head fixed-flow volumetric filling bottling machine with a filling speed of up to 6 ounces per second. An experienced operator can fill up to 2,500 bottles per hour.

ROF-64 bottling machine

The rotary overflow bottling machine is a fast and accurate production system that can be used for all free-flowing liquids, including beer, beverages, chemicals, etc.

What should be included in the bottling equipment?

1-Washing machine

The first machine in the bottling equipment should be a washing machine, which is necessary for the initial rinse of the bottles before the filling process. Washing machines are usually equipped with a varying number of clamps—depending on their size—that grab the bottle and rinse the bottle through nozzles that spray cleaning fluid or air through these nozzles.

2-Filling machine

The filling bottling machine is obviously the heart of any filling equipment. Through the conveyor belt, the bottles move under some filling valves, which inject liquid into them; sometimes, especially in beer processing, the filling machine also distributes a small amount of inert gas at the end of each filling in order to remove oxygen. Disperse from the bottle mouth to avoid oxidation of the product. The best filling bottling machines are equipped with a system to prevent the valve from working when there is no bottle under the valve.

3-Capping machine

If you want to complete your bottling equipment, the capping machine is the last piece of equipment you must provide. After filling, the bottles move to the last machine, where each bottle is provided with a cap, which seals the liquid and prepares the product for storage or transportation to other places.

4-Additional machine

The bottling equipment may include some additional machinery in case you have to perform a specific process on the beverage being bottled. To obtain carbonated water or pre-mixed juice, you need a saturation unit or a pre-mix unit; the pasteurizer is used to pasteurize the packaged bottles. There are many other machines designed to perform specific tasks during bottling, depending on the type of industry.

  • Our beer bottling system uses stainless steel as much as possible to reduce wear and make it easy to clean. The integral beer bottling machine provides a cost-effective way to combine isobaric (pressurized) filling bottling machine with flushers and cappers.
  • Every beer bottling machine you buy from us is designed to fill bottles of various shapes and sizes, and its speed reflects the guaranteed craftsmanship provided by our filling bottling machine equipment.
  • We know that bottling machine bottle caps and bottles have different shapes and sizes, which is why we consider this fact. Every product you buy from us will further increase your company’s productivity.
  • We always ensure that the quality of our beer bottling machine meets your high standards. 
  • We manufacture each bottling machine with sophisticated techniques and skills to meet our prestigious quality standards in the bottling machine industry. 
  • The rewards of using bottling machines range from faster production speeds to reduced management costs-when you use our equipment, you will definitely get these rewards.

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