Our Brewery Equipment

Commercial Brewery Equipment

Our company professional provide a turnkey brewery equipment for large industrial brewery factory:Including raw material storage, milling machine, boiler, mash system, fermenter, yeast spraying equipment, filtration equipment, filling equipment, CIP cleaning system, coding machine, labeling machine, sterilization system, water treatment machine, high concentration dilution equipment, bottle filling capping and washing machine, cooling system, control system.

We can provide on-site measurement, project proposals, system designs, manufacture and fabrication, installation and commissioning as well as other one-stop services.

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Craft Brewery Equipment

Our craft brewery equipment, the daily capacity is 100L to 50T.

The products are always in the international advanced ranks, stable performance, easy operation, not only to ensure the quality of beer brewing and pure taste, but also save you unnecessary management cost.

One completed craft brewery equipment including: milling system, mash system, fermenter system, cooling system, CIP system, control system, e.t.c...

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Hotel / Restaurant Beer Brewery Equipment

Set one luxurious craft brewery equipment,
Authentic beer brewing on-site,
Brewing and selling,
Skillfully blend of beer production and consumption,
Not only show your hotel's grade and strength
But also added the operating characteristics and highlights

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Pub Brewery Equipment

The time draught beer dominates the wineshops, bars, and barbecue markets will become the past,afterward it will be the world of craft brewing beer.

We also make crafted the characteristics of the bar beer equipment, according to personal tastes, brewing many kinds of beer, like yellow beer, black beer, fruit beer, etc, there are specifically for the women, characteristics of very delicious.

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Home Beer Brewery Equipment

As an excellent manufacturer of beer brewing equipment in China, we have developed and designed the miniature brewing beer equipment for home brewers based on the advanced technology of Germany.

We always keep listen to customer's opinions, conjecture customer's ideas and learn customer's needs. We also try to find inspiration and requirements while communicating with customers.

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Lab / Pilot Brewery Equipment

Teaching lab beer equipment, main including mashing system and fermenter.
The whole system must be completed, professional, advanced equipment skills, flexible operation, safe and stable, to meet the various types of institutions of beer production, teaching needs.

Because of professional, we know more about the beer culture,
every product is given the mission of beer culture heritage;

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