What Glossary Should I Know Before Brewing beer
What Glossary Should I Know Before Brewing beer?
How to ferment hops
How to ferment hops?

When you really realize what you want your microbrewery to be, you need to immediately enter its formal procedures. Before every little thing, you need to understand what you need to consider when starting a microbrewery in India.

  1. You need to understand the frame and size of your target audience and your potential customers. A brewery business has the most functions built, where more people go out happily, as well as alcohol consumption.
  2. You need to check the choices and the appeal of beer as a beverage in your target audience.
  3. The appropriate area will definitely continue to become an advertising element.
  4. Before you get all the jobs where your hands are not clean, get all the permits, distribution expertise, neighborhood authorization, and the location of the project authorization.
  5. Once these are arranged, you can proceed with detailed processing.

1. Packaging layout and pattern Brewery Business

  • The style of the ideal brewery business requires plenty of space and attractive interiors.
  •  Many micro-brewery will choose an exquisite location with a fashionable atmosphere, which is consistent with the choices of their consumers.
  • Because individuals usually go to the micro brewery business to relax after get off work or on weekends, so the interior decoration and furniture must be suitable.
A Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Microbrewery Business In India In 2021

2. Choose the location of your Brewery Business

  • Location is one of the key factors for a brand’s success. 
  • Each city has different limits on the number of liters produced, which affects the size of your microbrewery.
  • The minimum area required for a microbrewery to produce one liter of beer is approximately 0.1 square meters.
  • According to the standard, the micro brewery business produces 5,000 liters of beer per day, so you must determine your area according to the production system. 
  • The minimum area required to open a microbrewery is 700-800 square feet.
  • In addition to space requirements, the microbrewery must also be located in a place that is convenient for your target consumer group. 
  • Places close to the company are the best locations for microbreweries because they can attract people who are employed to seek relaxation after a long day.

3. Find out your resources and resources Brewery Business

  • In this process, you will definitely need a lot of funds, such as tool costs, manufacturing prices, licenses, leases, and personnel. The cost of a single license to start a microbrewery is 250,000 rupees.
  • For you, the important expenditure must be your manufacturing costs, because different cities will definitely have different import tax responsibilities. 
  • If we talk about breweries, it will definitely cost you 500,000 to 100 million configuration. The overall cost, including licenses, rental fees, and various other mini-prices, will definitely have an overall cost of about 100-200 million.
  • Financial investment and functional price are several considerable obstacles when starting a microbrewery.
    “The functional price and waste price of the brewery are usually relatively large because the basic materials have a very short life. 
  • This shows that if you don’t provide enough fresh beer, it must be a waste,” Ashish Dangwal, restaurant expert, The Friendliness Solutions Say.

4. Know your equipment Brewery Business

  • We have actually detailed the key equipment series you need to run your company effectively.
  • If you want to add a microbrewery to your existing catering establishment, you can also use the existing framework.
  • The equipment required by the winery must be different water containers, water regulators, arrangements by the RO manufacturer, and different fermenters. 
  • Various other tools you may need are listed below.
  • Saccharification basin and saccharification tank
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • PHEs (physical heat exchangers).
  • Electric closet.
  • Beer filter.
  • Central heating boiler.
  • Circulate thecontainer.
  • PLC touch type program controller.
  • Sale system.
  • Kiln.
  • Fermenter

Each city has different limits on the number of liters produced, which affects the size of your microbrewery. The minimum area required for a microbrewery to produce one liter of beer is about 0.1 square meters.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Microbrewery Business In India In 2021
  • Here, more people like to hang out, and more people like to drink. This is the role of microbrewery.
  • What I want to say is that your ideal layout must have a proper area and eye-catching interior.
  •  Many people will choose a complex place with a fashionable atmosphere, which is consistent with their customers’ choices.
  • As the economy continues to develop and the urban population continues to increase, people’s consumption concepts are also undergoing tremendous changes. 
  • The traditional single dietary consumption has become increasingly uncompetitive. Experiential catering consumption is increasingly sought after by young people. 
  • Craft beer is a project that has been very popular with investors in recent years. 
  • Craft beer is brewed in small batches and has a variety of flavors, which is well adapted to the consumption concepts of modern young people. So, how to open a distinctive craft Brewery business?
A Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Microbrewery Business In India In 2021

Target customers of Brewery Business or beer bars

  • First of all, it is important to determine the target customer base and the location of the fine wine bar.
  •  Generally speaking, craft breweries should be located in places where there are more young people and business people, such as shopping malls, dining areas, commercial streets, and office gathering areas. 
  • Young people have strong ability to accept new things and are willing to experience new things. 
  • Of course, some tourist areas with cultural heritage are also good choices. 
  • There are also some craft breweries and beer bars for specific activities in the circle.
  •  The main customer base will not be ignored due to distance restrictions. Such craft breweries and brewpubs can choose to have relatively low rents and sufficient venue space.

Find a decorating style for your Brewery Business or beer bar

  • The second is the decoration of craft brewery business and beer bars. 
  • The decoration of craft brewery business directly affects the consumer experience. It is recommended to conduct more detailed market research and in-depth management of a certain characteristic group of people. 
  • It is not recommended to adapt to the public without focus. Locate customer groups in the market, and construct consumption scenarios based on the characteristics and personalities of these consumer groups.
  • The decoration pattern and style should also serve the scene experience. 
  • For example, a simple style with characteristic culture as the theme, an industrial style with free socialization as the theme, and a business style with business communication as the theme.

Determine if Brewery Business equipment is needed

  • Third, do I need to purchase craft beer equipment for my own Brewery business? Brewery business your own beer not only requires the purchase of a set of professional and reliable craft beer equipment, but also a professional brewer. 
  • The investment of craft beer equipment is generally selected according to the size of the shop, and the investment is also different. 
  • Take a set of 500-liter beer equipment of Tiantai Company as an example, the investment is about 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, and the investment of a set of 300-liter craft brewing equipment is also 150,000 to 6 million yuan. 
  • The equipment investment is still not small. If you have equipment, you need a winemaker. If you don’t know how to make craft beer, you need to hire a professional brewery business to make beer. The monthly fee for a professional winemaker is between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan
A Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Microbrewery Business In India In 2021

Whether to install beer equipment in the store for Brewery Business can be considered from the following aspects:

  • The first is the degree to which the target customer group pays attention to the brewery business in the store. In other words, will the target customer base increase their loyalty because they brew in the store? 
  • The second is shop decoration. The decoration of the store equipped with beer equipment is more upscale, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of craft beer. 
  • third It is the scale of the brewery and beer bar. The brewery is small in scale and the unit brewing costs are high.
  •  If beer has no characteristics and cannot be supported by higher prices, it will be difficult to achieve profitability. Only if the size of the store is large enough to exceed the break-even point, then investment is meaningful. Commercial brewery business cannot rely on feelings, let alone make blind decisions.
  • Analyzing these three aspects, I believe that your investment will be more rational and the probability of success will be greatly improved. Craft beer is a very promising industry, and if managed properly, it can be very beneficial.
  • Fourth, what kind of beer to brew and how to design craft beer packaging. Craft beer is different from the bottled beer we usually drink. The variety of craft beer is very rich, and the flexibility of brewery business is also greater. 
  • The spread of craft brewery business culture comes from abroad, and the types of beer also have basic classifications. However, the tastes of each country and region are very different. Therefore, it is important to brew beer that suits the tastes of local customers. 
  • For example, some customers like classic and refreshing lager beer, some like soft-tasting wheat beer, some like IPA or Shi Tao, and many women like fruity beer with various flavors. Configure your own craft beer package according to customer tastes. Let your beer meet the needs of more customers.
  • Fifth, launch advertising and various activities to attract customers. Everything is ready, just waiting for customers. Customers will never find the fragrance of the deep alley. Actively carry out publicity, and carry out targeted delivery according to budget. 
  • You can print out leaflets and distribute them to nearby communities, commercial office buildings and nearby passers-by, and you can also place regional media advertisements. These are relatively traditional methods of propaganda. 
  • Craft breweries can be carefully built, and online celebrity check-in points, especially craft breweries in tourist areas, can be a good way to expand their popularity. Of course, craft beer shops generally need to do some activities, such as Oktoberfest, various themed Oktoberfests, music Oktoberfest, gourmet Oktoberfest, sports Oktoberfest,
  • Finally, as a promoter and loyal supporter of craft beer culture, we hope to gather all the forces that can make craft beer and form a shared platform to jointly promote the development of craft beer. We have a professional and free craft beer brewing association, professional brewers, a well-known craft beer training school, sophisticated craft beer equipment, a stable supply of craft beer raw materials, and a modern beer testing experimental platform.
A Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Microbrewery Business In India In 2021
  • If you plan to open a brewery, Druner International Trading can help you answer your questions and provide beer equipment systems.
  •  We provide 2-150bbl complete beer brewing beer equipment system, including malt crushing equipment, brewery equipment, fermentation tanks, Brite beer tanks, beer bottling machines, beer canning machines, beer barreling machines, beer hopping machines, yeast propagation equipment.
  •  We also provide all auxiliary beer systems, such as steam heating pipes and valves, water treatment, filters, air compressors, etc. Everything about the brewery is on our list.
  • If you had to rank the style format of your manufacturing center, what quality would you definitely provide on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • In conversations with manufacturers who have actually invested in format reforms for several years, we have discovered that the ideal layout can significantly improve these two aspects.
A Step By Step Guide On How To Open A Brewery Business In India In 2021

1. The overall cleanliness is improved Brewery Business

  • Ensuring that your manufacturing center is completely free of pollution and clean and tidy will ultimately save you time, cash, and ensure the highest quality of products. 
  • If you are in the preparatory phase of the brewery business style format, please construct simple clean style aspects in advance. Here are some things to consider, including going directly to your format style to enhance cleanliness.
  • Discuss with your equipment manufacturer one of the most effective equipment positioning in each area, as well as the best technical storage tanks for cleaning the pipes and interior.
  • Some centers have non-porous epoxy floors and antibacterial layers on the outside, so they require much less chemicals and friction to clean them.
  • The establishment of a clean-in-place system can greatly reduce, and in many cases, eliminate the chance of cross-contamination between operations.
  • Some people are in favor of working with consulting companies that specialize in distillation and manufacturing centers to produce the cleanest designs possible. 
  • Joel LeVangia, who is building a craft brewery business, is one of several brewery business owners who understand the advantages of excellent formats very well.

2. You Brewery Business save cash

  • Fortunately, there are countless solutions that can save basic price and financial expenses. 
  • These solutions make your manufacturing center more focused. Basically, the real advantage of a well-planned brewery business layout and program management is that it can reduce costs in a timely manner. 
  • When creating your own checklist for the repayment period of your financial investment, keep in mind some of the more well-known methods:
  • If you place the air conditioning storage tank as close as possible to the bar, you will invest cash in beer line air conditioning and the insulation will be much lower.
  • Prepare extra space in advance to save the cost of upgrading the equipment format in advance. Once development occurs, it is expensive to make room for larger equipment.
  • By treating and saving the drainage of the filter barrel at the brewery business location, the water bill can be reduced for future development and use.
  • Recover the cost of wasted beer by building a system at the filling location to accumulate any type of beer overflow.
  • Ultimately, benefiting from a style format means knowing in advance what your goals are, and finding as many centers as possible that have actually developed the content you want to develop. 
  • Contacting a similar manufacturer who actually completes the manufacturing layout you want will definitely help you benefit from any type of error they might encounter at the moment.