Silver Lining Series 1: I Heart Lager Collab With 4 Hearts Brewing
Silver lining series 1: I Heart Lager collab with 4 Hearts Brewing
[Press Release] Sponge Cake In A Beer? Black Hops Brewing Launch Assault On Gabs 2016
[Press Release] Sponge Cake In A Beer? Black Hops Brewing Launch Assault On Gabs 2016

Black Hops August Update: Upcoming Events, What’S On Tap And Beers Coming Soon

Black Hops August Update: Upcoming Events, What’S On Tap And Beers Coming Soon

Black Hops August Update: Upcoming Events, What’S On Tap And Beers Coming Soon

Black Hops August Update: Upcoming Events, What’S On Tap And Beers Coming Soon

Stout hops have been exciting the past few months with the opening of our brewery and restaurant in Burley last month. Here’s an update on some of the events we’ve been involved in, including current and upcoming beers.


Dan Norris Guest Speaker, Startup Grind, Brisbane:

Thursday, July 28th starting at 5pm

Dan Norris, co-founder of Black Hops, will be a guest speaker at a social event hosted by Startup Grind, a global community for entrepreneurs. The event takes place at Collaborate, 375 Weyhan Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane. In addition to discussing the journey of Black Hops, Dan will also share his experiences as a best-selling author and in creating a successful WP Curve business.

  • Saturday, July 30, South Brisbane HooHa Bar’s Blitz Little Offensive Takeover

HooHa Bar is a cool little spot in South Brisbane where we launched our first keg of eggnog in 2014, and we’ll be back there to take over their taps on Saturday 30 July at 3pm. In addition to more eggnog, you can also sample our delicious medium strength option at 30 cal. Also, we’ll be packing up the last of the kegs of Assault Cake, a custom sponge cake/cake in a beer that we made specifically for this year’s Australian Beer Festival (GABS) in Melbourne. The response has been positive since Gabe was number one on this top ten list of beers.

We’ll all be there, come and have a beer and say hello.

  • Byron Bay Farm Sunday Roast: Sunday, July 31, 5:30 p.m.
Black Hops August Update: Upcoming Events, What’S On Tap And Beers Coming Soon

The next night we’ll be prepping at the epic Three Blue Ducks at Byron Bay Farm. Sunday’s roast is $40 per person and upon arrival you get a delicious roast (appetizer + main course) and a drink. You can also sample the following beers from the Stout Hop series: Beach House, Bittersweet, Code Red, Pink Mist, and Eggnog.

We will always be available to answer any brewing related questions.

The place has some serious atmosphere, with exposed brick walls, corrugated iron and wooden bench-style tables and seating to give it a real “homey” feel. There’s live music and of course plenty of dark hoppy beers to sample, so we hope to see you there!

  • South Gold Coast Business Expo, Talebjera: Friday, August 12

On Friday, August 12, starting at 11 a.m., Michael Gough McGowan, head brewer of the Black Hop Brewery, will be the featured speaker at the South Gold Coast Business Expo in Talebudjera. The other panelist for the day will be David Gower Freeman of Freeman Organic Farms. Government officials will be discussing all things related to dark hops and brewing, and if you are interested in business plans for the south end of the Gold Coast then this event is well worth a look.

  • Dan Norris Business Crowdfunding Forum Guest Speaker, Gold Coast: August 12

Dan will be sharing the story and lessons learned about black hops at the Terri Cooper Network Crowdfunding Business Forum. The event will be held on Friday 12 August from 10am to 12pm at the Quality Inn, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast.

  • Tough Valley K-9 Tap Takeover on Thursday, August 25

With open fireplaces, high ceilings, wooden floors and original brick walls, the Houndstooth Corner Bar and Kitchen at Tough Valley is a great place to grab a beer and a drink. So we’re definitely looking forward to taking over their taps on Thursday night, August 25, with a full lineup of dark hoppy beers for drinkers.


Now pour it into our restaurant
Black Hops August Update: Upcoming Events, What’S On Tap And Beers Coming Soon

Our restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and every Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We now have 8 taps. This is the current lineup.

  • Special Releases
  1. Black on the Edge – 6.7% India Stout brewed by Stone & Wood, Balt Brewery and Burley Brewery. We brewed this beer for the recent Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) conference in Brisbane.
  2. Triple IPA (10.5% Imperial Ale) – A bold American Imperial Ale brewed with caramel malts and brewed with Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial and Chinook dry hopping. High ABV delivers a soft warmth with hints of banana and walnuts. Not for the faint of heart!
  • Core Range
  1. Beach House (4.7% Saison) – Our Gold Coast uses traditional French farmhouse ales. Light-bodied, low bitterness, dry and easy to drink. Delicately hopped with tropical aromas while allowing the yeast to shine with lively fruit and spice.
  2. 30 Cal (3% of California Regular) – Our medium strength coffee rivals the classic California Regular. Traditionally brewed with Northern hops, California ale yeast and Victory Biscuit style malts, giving this beer a layer of dry-roasted complexity and tawny color.
  3. Bitter (5% hoppy pale ale) – Brewed with Australian malted barley and hops, this is an all-Australian hoppy pale ale that is both durable and delicious, with notes of apricot and kernels. Golden yellow in color with an intense bitterness.
  4. Pink Haze (4.7% Raspberry Saison) – A Belgian Saison brewed with fresh raspberries, carefully hopped with New Zealand and Australian hops. This gives it a beautiful pink color with tart berry flavors and a dry, crisp aftertaste.
  5. Eggnog (5.3% spiced stout) – A dry Irish stout with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla bean and French brandy. Through the use of roasted barley and a generous addition of late hops, it exhibits a slight bitterness. Our first commercial release and a beer close to our hearts.
  6. Code Red (6.2% Red IPA) – A classic American red ale with a rich toffee malt body and a sweet ruby red color with minimal yeast character, offering a clean aftertaste that allows the hops to take center stage. This year’s hops are a combination of American and New Zealand hops.
New beers coming out soon

We have some cool beers coming out in August. Here’s the schedule.

  • ABC Bomb (6.5% Black IPA) – This hoppy black ale consists of a rich citrus and pine hop aroma with a distinctive roasted rye malt flavor. The use of American hops gives this beer a true IPA backbone and a unique spice flavor through the addition of rye. An American black C-hopped bomb.
  • I Heart Lager (5.7% Black Lager) – a remake of our collab beer brewed with 4 Hearts last year. We will be working with Wade from 4 Hearts to brew 1000 liters on our larger system. I Heart Lager is a clean, crisp, hoppy black Lager brewed with cold pressed Carafa grains for a rich black color without the roast or bitterness you would expect from a darker beer.
  • Kill Patrick (5.5% Oyster Killpatrick Stout) – Brewed for GABS in 2015 and ranked #13, our Kill Patrick is a strong brew featuring fresh tweed river oysters, smoked barley, tamarind, molasses, ginger and cloves. KP has a subtle maritime character with hints of bacon and Worcestershire sauce. We will be bringing this back through our taster system for a one time only release at the restaurant.
  • Kramer (5.8% Grapefruit XPA) – An all-Burley collaboration. Kustom Footwear and Black Hops teamed up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first pair of shoes, Kramer.