2021 Black Hops Wrap Up
Press Release Black Hops Enter The Nft Realm, Announce Launch Of Beta Team
Press Release Black Hops Enter The Nft Realm, Announce Launch Of Beta Team

Black Hops Staff Awards 2021

On Monday, December 9, we celebrated the year at our annual Black Hops Employee Christmas Party. Within the super-chilled confines of the Mobile Barbershop Warehouse,

 it was time to let our hair down and hold a heartfelt toast to recognize the achievements, milestones and people who have defined our accomplishments in 2021.

A big part of our year-end celebration is recognizing and celebrating the amazing and tireless work of the entire Black Hops team, with special recognition for outstanding individual performances in each business area.

Here are the results of staff these 2021 Black Hops Employee Awards

Legend of the Year: Joe De Oliviera

The Black Hops “Legend of the Year” is the “big gong” of the annual awards and is voted on by all employees.

This year’s replacement winner, Cayle Lutas, relinquished his title to BHII Warehouse/Inventory Coordinator “WOWSIY”, 

whose tireless dedication and all-around “Top Guy” aura made him the unanimous winner of the 2021 Stout of the Year Award.


Since we started, we’ve always had a very active limited beer program. We average about 1 new beer release per week in our restaurants, but starting in 2019, 

we are starting to release regularly to bars and bottle stores. in 2019 and 2020, we are releasing once a month, see these summaries

His investment round will help fund the massive expansion currently underway at his main production brewery; as well as the possibility of opening a brewery when the size cap is reached. 

The campaign will be open to staff all existing and new investors and will once again run on the Birchal platform, which was a huge success in the first round of equity crowdfunding launched in December 2018.
The first round of equity crowdfunding saw the local brewery raise $400,000 from more than 500 investors in a record time of six days. This time around, 

Black Hops is aiming higher, with a minimum goal of $500,000 and a maximum goal of $2.2 million.

Black Hops and the three “partners” behind it are known for their staff open and honest approach to starting a brewery and sharing every 

detail of the creation process, including writing a book, blog post and podcast about the brewery’s operations.

“Regular interaction with the investors, known as “Team Alpha,” is important to Eddie, Govs and me because without their support, 

we wouldn’t be able to grow the way we do. We do our best to involve them as much as possible, 

including annual team brew days, exclusive interviews and the opportunity to participate in my events through surveys and open communications for nput.”-Dan Norris, CEO and Founder

In addition to the “Legends” and individual staff division awards, we also have three major awards for each division.

Rookie Rock Star Award

This award is for someone who comes in for a full day in the 2021 staff calendar year. This award recognizes Biff Evison for his outstanding work in the lab as the Stout Sensory Coordinator.
Extra Mile Award

This award was presented to Alex Drysdale, 2021, who works full time as our Maintenance Manager. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Leadership Award

This award was presented to Geraldo ‘Big G’ Longobardi for his outstanding leadership in his role as head of the distribution team.

Departmental Employee of the Year Award

And to conclude, congratulations staff to the following departmental legends for their exemplary service in 2021.

Restaurant Superstar: Brie Kutheard (for the second year in a row)
Salesperson of the Year: Keller Lutas
Production Team Member of the Year: Corrie Castle

Host: Kirsty Atkins
Supply Chain (Send It Award): Mark Ramsey
If you are interested in joining the Dream Team, please check out our Jobs page.