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Craft beer equipment – How the fermentation tank works
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Storage conditions for craft hops

How to increase beer sales in winter

As a beer practitioner, it can be said that it is a seasonal business, which is extremely popular in summer, but plummets in winter.
The south is better, the winter will not be very cold, and the nightlife is rich; but the small bosses in the north will not have a good time in the cold winter, because most people like to stay in a comfortable home, and the chances of going out are reduced, let alone Said to go to the pub for a beer. 
When it comes to beer, most people’s impression is that it is cold and refreshing.However, as a business owner, I can’t really shut down and hibernate in winter. Today, we have summarized a few winter management strategies and shared them with you
Nowadays, with the upgrade of consumption level, many companies seem to have taken a fancy to the market trend, and various kinds of their own brands have sprung up. For fast-moving consumer goods with a very high market share, there has been a situation of “a hundred flowers contending”, including beer that is “necessary for entertainment” and “good for conversation”.
However, the beer industry is no longer the beer industry with continuous high growth. Coupled with seasonal changes, beer has an obvious low season. Summer is the peak season for beer sales, so naturally there is no need to worry about sales; however, when the weather turns cold in winter, beer has also entered the off-season. 
It is well known that in the past sales trends, the end of the year is the time when the liquor brand Dapeng spreads its wings, while the sales of the beer brand is a “slump”. How to nourish this dry well with low sales has become a mystery for beer brands
1. Christmas beer.

When Christmas comes, many craft breweries will launch their own special Christmas beers, and sell them in limited quantities. They will be sought after by fans every year, and they will be sold out soon; Exactly, it can be grandly listed.

2. Hold a theme event Party.

Christmas beer is already brewed, so why not have a Holy Party? By confirming in advance who will actually be there, you can prepare drinks and snacks more accurately. Both promote Christmas beer and increase guest loyalty to the pub. In addition, New Year’s events and New Year’s events can be held. In short, guests can look forward to the tavern, so they don’t have to worry about running out of business in winter.

How to increase beer sales in winter
3. Beer tasting.

This is different from Christmas and New Year’s parties. Those are good as long as it is lively, but the tasting session is a relatively professional wine tasting event. The most invited guests, friends and even colleagues who are passionate about and interested in craft beer are invited. Brewed beer or some newly arrived bottles of beer tip, make a detailed evaluation, you can charge a low activity fee but not too high, and you can make a profit, with some simple snacks. This can increase the stickiness of loyal craft beer customers, and mutual communication can also promote common progress. Beer is a very good social drink, isn’t it?

4. Butter beer.

Wheat wine has shared the practice of butter beer before. This warm “beer” drink is popular all over the world. Many bars will also launch their own butter beer in winter. There are non-alcoholic versions, and there are versions that are really boiled with beer and butter, in addition to cream, coffee powder, etc.A variety of ingredients can be created by yourself, and the recipes are very easy to find on the website. Interested friends can try it for themselves, and present a warm butterbeer to the guests in the cold winter, which can bring you a completely different feeling! Other specialty alcoholic beverages are also available.