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Analysis of the development status of China’s beer brewing industry in 2018 and craft beer
Proceso de fermentación de fabricación de cerveza artesanal 500L

Beer Brewing Process of 500L Two Steam Heating Complete Beer Equipment

Beer Brewing Process of 500L Two Steam Heating Complete Beer Equipment

Beer Brewing Process of 500L Two Steam Heating Complete Beer Equipment

Before brewing the beer, We should turn on the boiler first.

This is the boiler. Now, turn it on. Adjust the pressure in 0.4Mpa, when the pressure reaches 0.4Mpa, then open the gas outlet valve, heat up the water in mash tun, when the water temperature to 55+-1°c, feed the ground malt into the mash tun, at the same time turn on the agitator, keep this process with 60 minutes. after this, continue to heat up water to 66+-1°C, keep this temperature with 50 minutes.

This is the mashing process.

When the water temperature keeps up 66 °C, boil the water in hot water tank for use.

When mashing process is finished, filter the mash in lauter tun, in the filtration process, open related valves and turn on the wort pump, adjust VFD, control the flow of mash, so that the mash could reflow in the mash/lauter tank.

When we could see the wort becomes clear, turn off the valve, pump the wort to boiling tun for boiling.

When we could see the mashed malt by manhole and the level of wort drops to half of mash/lauter tun, open hot water pump and related valves, let the hot water flow in tank to wash mashed malt( The volume of the hot water depends on the situation).

When the wort continues filtering pump the clear wort into boiling tun, until the wort volume is enough, stop to filter and close the filtration valve, open two drain outlet valves for discharging. Open the chaff door and rake the chaff out of the mash/lauter tun, then wash the whole tank.

Boiling the wort, add the first time hops after 5 minutes, keep wort boiling, the second time hops is added after 55 minutes. Continue heating the wort 5 minutes, stop heating and turn off the steam valve.

Whirl the boiled wort in boiling/whirlpool tun, open the two drain outlet valves and whirlpool which of the bottom, when we could see the whirlpool in boiling/whirlpool tun, turn off the VFD and close all the valves which opened before, stay still 30 minutes.

After this cooling the wort.

Before cooling the wort, we should discharge the waste water of mash/lauter tun, open wort cooling valve, then open and close the next valve 2 times or 3 times immediately, open wort outlet valve let them flow into fermenter through hops filtration tank and heat exchanger( we should open the tap water valve and cold water valve which on the heat exchanger.)

Open the drain outlet valve of the fermenter bottom, wort will flow in through the pipeline, open gas outlet valve beside the fermenter, discharge the air of wort, open liquid level valve and observe liquidometer.

In the cooling process, we use the plate heat exchanger to control the wort temperature, the temperature is controlling in 12°C around( Different type of beer has different temperature.)

Continue cooling the wort, observe the volume of wort by manhole, when all the wort discharged, turn off the wort pump and close wort valve, wort adds the yeast by yeast adding tank.

We should connect the pipe of fermenter with yeast adding tank for activate the yeast, and we should shake the yeast adding tank to irritate the activity of yeast.

The pipe opening of yeast adding tank should connect with drain outlet of fermenter, oxygen tank connect with the top opening on the yeast adding tank, open all the related values, let the yeast into fermenters. When all the yeast gone into fermenter, keep adding the oxygen 20minutes around.

Open the gas outlet valve, water will recycle, finally close the valve, continue adding oxygen, adjust the pressure as 0.02 – 0.03Mpa, then close the drain outlet valve and stop to add oxygen.

The wort will ferment in fermenter, in the general, primary fermentation is needs 5-6 days, secondary fermentation needs 4-5days. We should measure the sugar degree everyday , when the sugar degree down to 4.0 around, close the valve. At the same time, use the Mechanical pressure relief valve to adjust the pressure to 0.14-0.16Mpa, this process is secondary fermentation. Taste the sample from fermenter, insure the wort no odd smell and taste, cooling the fermenters with control unit, the temperature should down to 2°C from 12°C during one day, keep this temperature in 2-3 days, after 3 days, taste the sample, if the smell and taste all good, it could for sale, if not, it could stay still 1-2 days.

Above is the beer making process.

This machine is a semi-automatical simple six heads bottle filling and capping machine, the back of this machine is control system,frontage is working table,

This machine is keg filling and washing AIO machine, left working table is keg washing, right is filling,top is control plate, filling opening is behind.

This is ice water tank, that function is control the temperature of fermenter, cooling principle is rely on the refrigerant( water and glycol ), it could keep the temperature as -6°C by chiller.

This is 200L CIP system, it has two tanks, one is sodium hydroxide tank, another one is hydrogen peroxide tank. Use for cleaning the fermenter, brewhouse system equipment and hot water tank.

Malt Miller’s function is crush the malt, that two buttons could adjust the degree of thickness of malt.

Six heads bottle washing machine, spiral-plate inside, washing automatically.

This is candle Kieselguhr Filter, if you need clear craft beer, you could connect this with fermenters , let the craft beer run out to bright beer tank through this, then fill in the bottles and send to the market. But if you want to drink the beer directly, you don’t need this.

This is chiller, it’s function is cooling the ice water tank from 0 °C to -6°C.