Reasons to drink beer in winter
The difference between ale and lager
The difference between ale and lager

Beer and Christmas

At Christmas, even if you can’t wait for Santa Claus driving the reindeer, people do their best to create dreams and beauty with love.

In such a sacred and romantic holiday, there is always a loyal friend to accompany you, and that is the Christmas beer that many Western countries love at this moment.

What is Christmas beer?

Many people have questions about Christmas beer. In fact, Christmas beer can be explained clearly in one sentence. It is the beer you drink during Christmas.

The origin of Christmas beer can be traced from Scandinavia. When the residents of this area still believe in the Nordic gods, every year on December 21st, the Vikings will celebrate the Yale Day (Yule or Jól) to honor their Odin, Frey and other gods.

Yale Day celebrations are often called “drinking jól”, which means that drinking is an important part of the celebration.

And the strong beer that highlighted the malt style became the main drink at their celebration and a tribute to the gods.

Starting from November, they will brew stronger beer for the upcoming festival. They call this beer Julöl. Of course, later this style of beer was introduced to the UK.

Due to pronunciation problems, Julöl became Yul al, and gradually evolved into Yule ale. Even after Christianity became the official religion of the region, this tradition continued.

It’s just that Yale Day has gradually evolved into Christmas, and Yule Al has become a Christmas beer.

Norwegian King Haakon even promulgated a law requiring every family to brew this traditional Christmas beer for festive celebrations.

Since then, Christmas beer has become a beer category in Western countries.