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Home brewing beer wort filter all common carriers!!

About home brewing beer wort filter all common carriers

The wort filtration after wort saccharification is a very important step in the beer brewing process. The quality of the filter has a great influence on the quality of the beer.

For example, the filtered wort contains far more fatty acids than the filtered wort, and the fatty acid content Too high will have a bad influence on the foam of beer. There are many reasons that affect the filtration effect. Today, we will first list the effects of filtration on the filtration (the screening plate is not the filter layer, but the carrier of the wheat filter layer).

1: Preparation of the filter (as shown below)

home brewing

The treasure can be purchased beer raw materials can be purchased, there is no rubber tube inside the braided tube, by the establishment of the tube’s pore size to play a filtering role!

Advantages and disadvantages: cheap, but it is easy to plug

2: Gauze filter (food grade)

home brewing

If gauze filtering, the gauze is recommended to choose a mesh size of 50 mesh (aperture diameter of 0.3mm), choose too many meshes, such as 100 mesh, the aperture is too small, it will cause difficulties in filtration.

Advantages and Disadvantages: The price is cheap, and the operation is simple, but care should be taken when washing the bad grains to prevent them from leaking directly from the edges and not reach the purpose of washing the grains.

Now the usual way of home brewing

3. welded Sieve plate

Sieve plate

Flat steel welding
Advantages and Disadvantages: For milling, the price is cheaper and the production is simpler, but the aperture is too large, and it is easy to appear that the whole is not a horizontal plane, which has an impact on the filtering effect.

4: Milling sieve plate (aperture diameter 0.7mm)

Integral milling
It is best to make the upper width 0.7mm, the lower hole width 3 ~ 4mm, trapezoidal up and down to reduce fluid resistance.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Good quality, good filtering operation, but the price is generally higher.