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A veteran tells you the difference between Barley and Malt

cornerstone of beer

cornerstone of beer

The new craft beer enthusiast often confused about the brewing material-malt. Today let us talk about the malt.

Barley and Malt Conclusion:

The brewing material is malt, first we should make the barley into the malt,then use the brewing process.

Why we use malt to brew craft beer not barley?

Sprouting is a biochemical process,it’s aim to make the kernel generates more enzymes and raise inactive enzymes,at the meantime,starch,protein,hemicellulose and many macromolecule material will be decomposed,it’s for the mashing requirement.

In layman’s terms,sprouting is activate the enzymes in the barley,let starch could react with enzymes for the enzymes will play a part in the mashing process,but the enzymes in the barley have not activated,if use the barley to mash,it comes out the starch dextrine,We can add some barley and wheat in the craft beer brewing to improve mouthfeel in the craft beer brewing,but here barley and wheat as accessory material ,in the general,additive amount is 20%-30%,maximum quantity is 50%.