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1000L Complete Brewery System Ready For Japan Customer

500L Electric Heated Micro Brewery Brewed in Grenoble France

When we received the first inquiry from Mr. Nicolas in 2019, we learned that he would like to open a restaurant brewery in his hometown of Grenoble, France.
Now, this lovely 500L beer brewing system tailored for Nicolas’ brewery–Brasserie Neptune has been successfully installed, and the four fermentation tanks have started the wonderful beer fermentation process.
Really happy for him!

Below are some items finally we provided for Nicolas, and some pictures are also shared in attachment.
-1. Grain Milling Unit [300kg/hr]
-2. 500L Combined Three Vessels Brewhouse [M/LT&HLT + KWT], Electric Heating
-3. An Extra Pump with VFD for HLT
-4. IFM Flow Meter
-5. 4 * 500L Fermentation Tank/Unitank
-6. 2L Hops Pressure-preserving Dry Tank
-7. Glycol cooling system
-8. Brewery Instrumental Control Cabinet
-9. 1-Station 2-Tank Semi Auto Keg Washer
-10. Euro Standard 20L Stainless Steel Beer Keg(S type)
-11. 100L Portable CIP Cart [Two Tanks]

From the first email to the current successful brewing of the four types of beer, it’s just been the past two years.
In the meantime, we have encountered problems with site approval, encountered insufficient funds, encountered the COVID epidemic, and We encountered various situations such as rising shipping freight and travel restrictions between countries prevent us from sending our engineers. . .
No matter what, in the end we have overcome many difficulties, and we will continue to do our best to support each brewery that chooses us, hoping that they will get better and better.
Hope your brewing dream can be realized soon.

If you require further details or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.