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500l beer brewing equipment question

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One of our latest 500l beer brewing equipment customer asked us such a question:

What are the technological principles of raw material selection and use in modern beer industry?

In order to ensure product quality, modern beer industry has strict requirements on raw material selection, including:

(1) the selection principle of raw material variety mainly includes the quality change of the raw material in different harvest years, the basic limit characteristics of the raw material, the degree of planting environmental pollution, the technical conditions and sanitary conditions for processing as acid raw material, etc. In order to ensure the stability of product flavor, the use of raw material variety should be kept as stable as possible.

(2) the control principle of the freshness of raw materials must strictly control the freshness of raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory, try to ensure that the raw materials that do not meet the requirements of freshness are not used, and that the raw materials that are not used temporarily in a short period of time are not used, and pay attention to good preservation conditions

(3) the principle of raw material use: select raw materials according to the requirements of product flavor characteristics, set different raw material quality control standards, purchase pure varieties, and use raw materials in a certain proportion. The proportion of raw materials must be kept stable.

(4) the principle of the use of auxiliary materials is to choose the auxiliary materials based on the flavor quality and flavor stability, determine the use proportion according to the quality of the main raw materials, and allow the use of different auxiliary materials and types of auxiliary materials according to the needs of flavor characteristics.