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20L tasty homebrew dark beer scheme(3)

20L tasty homemade dark beer scheme

Step 4:Brewhouse Pot

  1. Put the stainless steel false bottom into the pot bottom( The false bottom has three legs should install before)
    Brewhouse Pot
  2. Put the milled malt in,(malt should put in the mesh bag first)
  3. Fill in the 76 ℃ pure water.
  4. Use spoon mixes the malt and water well immediately,don’t waste time.
    add the water until pot
  5. After mixed continue to add the water until pot is full.
  6. When the pot is full, cover the lid, starting time. In general ,the brewhouse time is about 60 minutes.
  7. Connect food grade silicon tube with the tap on the fermentation bucket ,Function: Avoid the wort touching the air when the wort drains.
  8. This tube is not easy to install, This process needs your patience
  9. After 60 minutes, open the lid of boiling bucket.
  10. Open tap and drain the wort.
  11. At the same time, you should continue to boil the pure water until 70 ℃ , ready for next process.
  12. Fill the hot water into brewhouse bucket (until full)
  13. Cover the lid and keep warm for 5 minutes.
  14. Continue to boil the 70 ℃ pure water ( about 15 L), we should collect a whole bucket of worth (about 25 L)
  15. Repeat to fill water and drain wort , every time we should fill full the brewhouse bucket, then cover the lid, keep wam for 5 minutes , until we get a whole bucket of wort.

Step 5:20L tasty homebrew Boiling

  1. Transfer the wort from fermentation bucket to boiling bucket.
  2. The wort is easy to oxidize when it touching the air under high temperature, so we should use tube to transfer, so that avoid the air.
  3. This beer recipe should boil 60 minutes
  4. Add hops(10 g) into boiling pot when boiling 30 minutes ,we could turn off the fire at this time.
  5. Add hops(10 g) into boiling pot when boiling 55 minutes ,we could turn off the fire at this time.
  6. We could adjust fire according to the condition.
  7. After 60 minutes boiled , turn off fire and prepare cooling coil for cooling boiled wort immediately.
  8. We should deal the joint connection flexibly , this type of the joint could be connect with most of water tap.
  9. When the wort temperature should cool to 22℃ ( between 18℃ and 30℃ )
  10. We could hold the cooling coil and mix the wort,so that cooling could be faster.

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