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20L tasty homemade dark beer scheme

Main equipment for homebrew dark beer

Homebrew dark beer equipment 2

  • Thick stainless steel soup bucket for homebrew dark beer
  • American fermenter (without tap)
  • Hand-operated malt crusher (without wooden stool)
  • Fermenting tank supporting silicone plug check valve
  • Stainless steel telescopic filter base
  • Medical grade gauze filter bag
  • Electronic Probe Thermometer
  • High-precision electronic scales
  • Measuring cup (2000ml)
  • Wort stirring spoon

Step 1Sterilization

home beer brewing

  • All buckets and tools should be soaking disinfection
  • Fill the fermentation bucket (white one) with tap water.
  • Put in 4 piece sterilization tablets.
  • Soak for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, transfer the sterilizing water into another bucket (boiling bucket)
  • Soak for 5 minutes in boiling bucket.
  • Transfer the sterilizing water into insulation bucket to sterilize.
  • Put all the waterproof tools into bucket for sterilizing.

Step 2 :Malt Crushing

Malt Crushing

  • This kind of malt crusher’s performance is not good enough ,but now, we don’t find other better one to replace it. The level of crush could be adjusted.
  • Grinding speed: 5Kg/30 min
  • If you choose the recipe with many kind of malt,you should mix them in even.

Step 3Hot Water Pot

  • Boiling the water, until 76 ℃
  • This process needs pure water.
  • Prepare enough boiled pure water for brewing beer(20L craft beer needs 30L pure water around)
  • Put  electric thermometer into boiling pot to monitor the temperature, until the water temperature up to 76 ℃, now it’s the time to mash.
  • The temperature don’t touch the bottom of pot.
  • When the water temperature is approaching 76 ℃ , turn off fire immediately.

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